Who are Vax?

Alan Brazier Vax Vax are a home and commercial cleaning brand, they produce vacuum cleaners, carpet washing machines and more recently, pressure washers, air purifiers and de-humidifiers. The company was founded in December 1977 by a man called Alan Brazier who built the company up from the ground to over £60 million in just 10 years of starting the company. Vax was founded in the UK and they still have a headquarters based in Birmingham believe it or not. They also have a warehouse and depo located in Hampton Lovett which is in Worcestershire. Alan Brazier already had a considerable amount of experience in cleaning tools as he worked within the commercial carpet cleaning industry for some time before he started Vax Ltd. Alan Brazier invented a new type of vacuum cleaner which not only cleaned dirt and dust but also washed and dried carpets with one machine. This was ‘nick named’ the “Orange Tub”, it was the worlds first and a very important milestone set for other vacuum cleaning companies.

The “Orange tub” nick-name still very much holds true to this day with most Vax models having the orange color theme to them.

Who own Vax now?

The company, even though founded in the UK back in 1977, now belongs to a Chinese based umbrella company, TTI Co Ltd (Tech Tronic Industries) which specialise in power tools, hand tools and outdoor power equipment, they are based in Hong Kong. Vax vacuum cleaners are all manufactured in China now and imported to various countries across the world. The company employ over 400 people in the UK, not including international employees.

The company and James Dyson…

In July 1990, James Dyson (Yes THEE James Dyson) was called in as a contractor, this was before he founded his company ‘Dyson’, he was brought into the company and was comvax orange tubmissioned to invent and produce an upright lightweight vacuum cleaner which was to be sold exclusively in the UK and so he did but by July 1991 just 1 year after being brought into Vax, he left the company to establish the well known Dyson vacuum cleaner brand we all know today in the same month! but lets not forget that he debuted his vacuum engineering with Vax and some models still use a very similar suction technology method as Dyson which brings us onto the law suit James Dyson submitted in July 2010, stating that the Vax “Mach Zen” technology infringed patent copyrights with his Dyson technology. This was later dismissed and the claim was rejected by the courts in 2011.

What do Vax manufacture?


vax pressure washer

Although, when you think about “VAX” you automatically think of an orange tub carpet cleaner or vacuum, by 2014, the company began to build on their well known, established home cleaning brand by diversifying into producing pressure washers, air purifiers and de-humidifiers.