are dyson vacuums made in china

Are Dyson Products Made in China?

There is a common misconception about where Dyson products are made and most people believe they are manufactured in China however, this is not entirely true. Although Dyson do indeed have plants in various countries, most if not all of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are made in Malaysia.

Some people may class Malaysia and China as the same country however, they are very much separate countries but both have a strong Chinese heritage that binds them countries together.

So if you would like to be 100% politically correct, Dyson products are manufactured in Malaysia!

What Vacuum is not made in China?

Believe it or not, there are many vacuum cleaners on the market that are not ‘Made in China’, not everything is made in China! If you’re interested in boycotting Chinese manufactured vacuum cleaners for some strange reason, here’s a list of some alternatively manufactured vacuum cleaners not built in China.

Before we get onto the list, Let’s talk about the reasons behind China being such a power-house in regards to manufacturing…

China, as a manufacturing country do get a lot of “stick” for being known for not making very good quality products but this is mainly due to various “eBay-like” sites such as Wish, or AliExpress/AliBaba, these sites sell absolutely everything and anything, most items listed are indeed manufactured in China but because these products are fairly inexpensive they tend to break very easily or not made of quality material such as cheaper plastics or metals.

Many well known brands tend to expand or outsource their manufacturing process to China simply because they are very very efficient at assembling products at a more cost-effective price to the brand than other countries, they as a nation, have this fined tuned and are very good at it, it is simple math for the brands/companies to make their decision and to scale their business up.

When a brand chooses to outsource production to China, it’s crucial to ensure a rigorous vetting process is in place. The brand needs to conduct quality checks on both raw materials and finished products to guarantee that what is being manufactured aligns with the brand’s customer expectations and is of high quality. In fact, products manufactured in China tend to be of exceptional quality, and this is why it is recommended to consider using a sartorius scale to measure the accuracy of the final product before it hits the market.

A well known brand will not jeopardize their reputation to their customers by producing lesser quality products… The real worrisome items that come from China that you should be vigilant about are “Chinese Copies” or “Imitations” of well known branded products, such as Dyson, these tend to be built by independent Chinese imitation plants that have managed to get their hands on copied blueprints.

Non-Chinese manufactured Vacuum Cleaners

There are actually, many brands that either use China as a secondary manufacturing country or don’t have Chinese manufacturing ties what so ever, see! I did say not everything was “Made in China!”.

  • Miele – German/China (Although Germany still produce these, some models are produced in China, you will need to check your model numbers to find out)
  • SEBO – 100% Made in Germany
  • Bosch – 100% Made in Germany
  • Hoover – 100% Made in America/UK
  • Kirby – Made in America
  • Oreck – Made in America
  • Numatic – Made in UK (Henry/Hetty)

These are just a few vacuum cleaner brands that are not manufactured in China.

Are Dyson Products Made in The UK?

Once upon a time, way back in 1993 in Wiltshire, Dyson was founded by James Dyson.

Dyson products were all made in the UK but as I mentioned, due to scalability and cost of production, Dyson moved their manufacturing to Malaysia in 2002 and by 2003 Dyson completely stopped manufacturing in the UK altogether.

Dyson’s headquarters is now based in Singapore with their manufacturing plants based in Malaysia.

Dyson’s build quality is very good. in fact, even though they are quite costly, from our surveys they do stand the test of time and very rarely break-down and if they did, they have a superb warranty.

If you’re looking around at what Dyson products are manufactured, Here are some Dyson manufactured products.. built in Malaysia.

Does Dyson Outsource Manufacturing?

Because Dyson moved from the UK to Singapore in 2002, they own their own plantations in Malaysia, so Dyson does not outsource the manufacturing of their products. They own the factories that produce them because they are now a Singapore based company.