Can I use an industrial vacuum cleaner in my house

Can I use an industrial vacuum cleaner in my house?

Can you use an industrial vacuum cleaner in your house? Well the short answer is…

Most industrial vacuum cleaners run off 220 – 240 volts mains power, thus making it very much dependent on your homes electrical wiring, if you live in the USA and you don’t have a clue about how electrics work, or you have never needed to ask this question before, then you are more than likely running 110 volts’ mains, however, in the UK and most European countries, homes are already equipped with 220 – 240 electrical supplies into their houses therefore if your mains power can support up to 240 volts, you should have no issues running any industrial vacuum cleaners in your home, or any appliance for that matter. Check out the Benefits of Buying Kitchen Appliances Online according to The Appliance Guys.

If you live in the USA, this doesn’t mean you can’t run an industrial vacuum cleaner in your house, many electricians can install you a dual phase panel which brings in two 110 volt supplies and combines them together in order to out put 220 volts but this can be expensive to set up, especially if its solely for the purpose of using an industrial vacuum cleaner in your house.

In a nutshell, you can still run a 220 volt appliance on a 110 volt supply BUT, the motor within the appliance, for this example, the industrial vacuum cleaner, will run slower or at half its’ capacity as it is only receiving half the energy, besides this, there are some down-sides too…

1. The appliances’ motor wasn’t designed to run at half the power, which means it may not work correctly or how it “should”.

2. The appliance may display problems due to other parts that depend on the motor running at full power.

It is always a good idea to check the manufactures specifications on the vacuum cleaner you wish to purchase or use, some vacuum cleaners are able to run both of 110 volts or 240 volts.



What is the difference between a commercial vacuum and a regular vacuum?


The main differences between a commercial vacuum and a residential/domestic vacuum cleaner is the power or ‘horse-power’ it can produce, also if you think about the abuse any appliance would receive on a daily basis by a business in a commercial or industrial scale compared to the everyday domestic vacuum, then you can easily appreciate how they both would be used and how differently they would be used too, an industrial vacuum cleaner, just like any industrial appliance are built to last, they are normally more expensive but you pay the price for the assurance that it will stand the test of time no matter what you throw at it…

Industrial vacuum cleaners have more suction, built more robustly and usually come with a plethora of attachments that you would not likely get with a domestic vacuum cleaner.

With more suction, this generally means it will require more power, such as a 220 volt mains supply but there are some industrial vacuums that can run on 110 volts too.

Residential or domestic vacuum cleaners are made differently, normally their USP (unique selling point) is, how light weight they are, how convenient they are to use… Do you see the differences? When us folk at home need to vacuum our house, it is a chore to us, we need something easy, light and quick, we’re not too bothered about it’s performance generally and even if we were, we wouldn’t be ‘told off’ about a speck of dust it did not manage to clean.

On the other hand…

Businesses are usually being paid to provide a cleaning service, therefore they need everything an industrial vacuum cleaner provides. When someone is paying for a service, as the client, you would want the best possible outcome, therefore an industrial vacuum cleaner would be the choice.

What is an industrial vacuum cleaner used for?


Industrial vacuum cleaners can be used for various, intriguing things actually, water and dust/particle separation, extraction, shampooing.

Industrial vacuums really are very much versatile in their nature and for a good reason.

When working in a commercial setting, the situations/scenarios you go through, especially in the cleaning industry, will have you see many different cases where you would need to clean many different floor types, upholstery or spillages, so having an industrial vacuum cleaner to hand should make light work of anything you come by.

Industrial vacuum cleaners can be used for shampooing carpets and upholstery as well as extracting the excess water which prevents any damp smells from lingering, they can separate particles/granular dirt from water/liquids and also purify the air in the environment you are working in, which is very important for any allergy sufferers.

They are much more powerful than regular domestic cleaners and don’t get clogged up easily which make them a perfect choice for cleaning businesses.


Why use industrial vacuum cleaners?


You should definitely use an industrial vacuum cleaner if you are in a working environment, if you own or run a cleaning business of any type, this will make life a lot easier in terms of workload involved to achieve the desired cleaning you require…

If you are servicing a large contract which have bigger rooms or surface area, industrial vacuums should be used, they are bigger, can hold more dirt which means less time spent emptying the bin and are more powerful, domestic vacuum cleaners don’t even come close in any comparison in this case.

Work smarter, not harder springs to mind when you’re thinking about reasons for using industrial equipment, they simply perform better, easier to handle, larger and have many other uses that you would normally need separate tools for, purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner would be an important tool of the trade, it may cost more but it will pay dividends in the long run.

Are industrial vacuums better?


If you’ve come this far in this article, you may have already read how much we recommend industrial vacuums in comparison to domestic vacuum cleaners but ultimately the choice is yours, if you own a cleaning business, we recommend purchasing a good quality industrial vac, it is less likely to let you down which means your time will be spent actually vacuuming up dirt or shampooing carpet or extracting spillages rather than trying to fix clogged up hoses.

However, if you want to purchase one for your home, you simply need to weigh up the pro’s and cons, if you have a very busy house, loads of children or animals, if you suffer from lots of spillages or maybe you’re just a clean freak! Then an industrial vacuum cleaner may be the best option for your house too.

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How much does an industrial vacuum cleaner cost?


Industrial vacuum cleaners although can be expensive, they are really not that much more in cost compared to a domestic cleaner, considering the more uses and major increase in power you get for your money, they can range from 180 – 500 dollars/pounds/euros.

Even when factoring in the difference in cost between an industrial vacuum cleaner and its’ domestic counterpart they are still very much worth the extra cash as they last longer and are far superior machines, built for commercial cleaning environments.

We have put together a few of our personal recommendations for industrial vacuum cleaners below.




Can I use an industrial vacuum cleaner in my house? Yes, you can use an industrial vacuum in your home, if you have the reason to buy one of these vacuum cleaners then we very much recommend doing so.

They are built much more robustly, they outlast many domestic vacuum cleaner motors and are much more powerful in terms of suction not to mention, the huge range of things you can actually do with one, they are truly a one tool for all when it comes to vacuuming your house, so if you require one, they definitely get a thumbs up from us.