The SEBO BS360 Upright Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

What is a bagged upright vacuum cleaner?

So, What is a bagged upright vacuum cleaner? these more traditional vacuums, by traditional I mean old fashioned, the bread and butter of vacuum cleaners, belt driven brushes, robust and reliable, most times these vacuums are always corded but nonetheless they can be the perfect buy if you need it for specific reasons.

These are…

If you need a vacuum for large rooms in your house, this type of vacuum would be ideal, with a large brush span, it will by easy work for vacuuming larger surface areas quickly.

Which Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner to Buy?

Most vacuum manufactures if not all, will have an bagged upright corded vacuum cleaner model within their range, just because its one of the oldest type of models, this does not mean that it is ineffective, quite the contrary because they are still being produced directly indicates that these vacuums have lasted the test of time and continue to be wanted among home owners across the world.

One of the main benefits of having an upright bagged vacuum cleaner is the large bag capacity for dust and dirt, with most sizes ranging in the 6L (six litre bags), this is a huge benefit when comparing to more modern vacuum cleaner ranges which roughly only have 2-3 litre waste compartments if that.. most are less than this.

We’ll go through a few of our most recommended bagged upright vacuum cleaners to give you some ideas.


  1. The VAX Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner


The VAX Upright Bagged Vacuum CleanerThis vacuum would be an entry level model, ranging in price of around £60 – £70 delivered to your door, it has a standard 6.5 litre bin capacity and comes included with a HEPA filter which is great for filtering dust particles in the air furthermore… it has an 800 hundred WATT motor which outputs 150 watts to the brushes, this is a lot of power and will clean floors just fine, it is rather light weight for an upright vacuum cleaner and comes with a 12 metre cord which should be enough for any room. If you are on a budget and need a quick cleaning solution, go for this option.



  1. The SEBO 91540GB Automatic Pet ePower Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner



The SEBO 91540GB Automatic Pet ePower Bagged Upright Vacuum CleanerThe SEBO brand is well known within the vacuum cleaner industry and quite rightly so, they are known for building great reliable, powerful vacuums and the SEBO 91540GB ePower does not disappoint, at a price of around £300 (three hundred pounds) this would be considered a top-ranged vacuum cleaner, it is more powerful than the VAX model mentioned above with an 890 watt motor, the SEBO 91540GB has an inbuilt smart computer which automatically configures the power to suction ratio making sure that you always have the power needed depending on what type of flooring you are vacuuming, it has a seamlessly ergonomic design which also enables you to adjust the height which is a really good feature to have as not everyone is the same height. The inbuilt odour filter helps to eliminate any odours from fabrics or carpets just by hoovering regularly and a toggle boost button for that extra suction power when its needed.

What else makes this bagged upright vacuum cleaner worth it?

Well, for this price range you should definitely expect the accessories, the SEBO 91540GB
comes with many attachments such as, crevice and upholstery nozzles, stair cleaning hose and a dust brush and clamp.

Charcoal filters are also included with this model, CHARCOAL filters? What?

Actually, charcoal filters are used in quite a few air suction related exhausts to mention one a cooker hood extractor. Charcoal filters help to eliminate odours from the air and because this SEBO model is also advertised as a PET odour eliminator, this filter is paramount to getting this done and is quite effective.

Lastly this vacuum is self adjusting meaning, the brush adjusts depending on type of flooring or carpet, if your carpet is long pile or short pile, it will adjust to compensate for these types of floors, every little helps doesn’t it?


  1. The SEBO BS360 Upright Commercial Vacuum Cleaner (EU Compliant replacement for the Sebo BS36 Comfort commercial vacuum cleaner).
What makes the SEBO BS360 a great bagged upright vacuum cleaner?


The SEBO BS360 Upright Commercial Vacuum CleanerThe SEBO BS360 Upright vacuum is sold as a commercial vacuum, which means it is built to last, if you use this upright vacuum in a domestic environment (home use) it will last you literally a life time, this type of bagged upright vacuum will out live you, you could pass this vacuum on to your children.

This model has a belt driven motor which powers the brushes and is guaranteed not to slip on any type of floor, you can vacuum from carpet to hard flooring with ease with no adjustments required, it has a 10 meter power cord which is more than enough to hoover large rooms so you can rest assured, this bagged upright vacuum has all the essentials you could ever need.

Due to the EU compliance regulations, vacuums need to be a certain power limit and can not go over this limit, therefore this new model replaces the older SEBO BS36 Comfort commercial vacuum cleaner which was also an award winning commercial vacuum for its day and in other parts of the world it still is… nonetheless, as the SEBO BS360 bagged upright vacuum cleaner is based on its award winning predecessor, you can know for sure it will not let you down.


Bagged upright vacuum cleaners are getting rarer in the domestic-use world simply because these type of vacuums are made to be used, they are the ultimate vacuum cleaners especially the bagged versions but the majority of us nowadays very much prefer to spot clean with battery powered stick vacuums in comparison to deep cleaning multiple times a week, this is personal choice at the end of the day so don’t let this put you off purchasing one as it just might be the best piece of cleaning equipment you invest in.