Can we carry vacuum cleaner in flight?

You can carry a vacuum cleaner on a flight, however, it is best to check it in to save yourself any hassle that you may have at security. Most airlines do not specifically outline whether or not you can bring a vacuum in checked luggage, but it does not violate most airlines’ rules.

Although it may not be one of the first things that you think to pack when going on holiday, traveling with a vacuum cleaner can actually be a lifesaver, especially if you are staying in an Airbnb or self-sufficient chalet.

If you are traveling with children then bringing your vacuum cleaner may just save you a lot of time when away.

Nowadays there are many different types of vacuum cleaners, including vacuum robots, meaning that it is easier than ever to find a small compact vacuum cleaner to bring with you. So, for whatever reason you need to bring a vacuum with you on a flight, in this article we’ll take you through the ins and outs of luggage rules for planes.

There are a few vacuum cleaners that are easier to bring with you on a flight because they are much more compact, such as this, which works amazingly well. So make sure to factor this in if you are going to travel with one.

Can you bring a Dyson on a plane?

With most airlines, there is no rule against bringing a Dyson. However, just because most airlines do not explicitly prohibit vacuum cleaners does not mean that they will allow it. For this reason, it is best to check with your airline ahead of time to be safe rather than sorry.

However, in most cases, if the Dyson is able to be packed into a suitcase and it does not weigh more than the given total weight allowance then the chances are that you will be able to bring a Dyson with you on a plane.

When packing, it is best to pack your Dyson into your checked luggage and to ensure that it is packed tightly with any box and support materials to cushion the area around the vacuum, This is because hold luggage can be thrown around quite a bit and the last thing that you want is to arrive with a broken Dyson vacuum.

Dyson also offer a vacuum robot model which are smaller and lighter than many other models, meaning that it can be the perfect way to bring a vacuum cleaner with your own your trip.

If these are small enough, then they are also allowed into the cabin meaning that you will not need to worry about it getting broken over the course of your flight as it will also be with you.

Are cleaning products allowed in checked baggage?

The main issue with carrying liquids on planes, even in checked luggage, is whether or not the liquid is flammable. So, you will need to check the safety labels on any cleaning products that you want to bring in checked luggage. If the product is flammable then you will not be able to bring it on the plane.

For example, the very common cleaning product bleach is not allowed on planes either in checked luggage or hand luggage. Although this liquid itself is not flammable it can be very dangerous if in contact with other liquids.

For safety reasons, airlines will not allow bleach on a plane.

If you are unsure about whether or not you can bring a specific cleaning product onto a flight, for example, if it does not have any safety instructions, then get in contact with your airline or be on the safe side and leave it at home.

Opt instead for one of the best cleaning products that are allowed on flights: disinfectant wipes.

What can’t we carry on a flight?

When it comes to what you can’t carry on a flight airlines can be very strict. However, it is not worth getting annoyed about what you cannot bring as you must remember that these rules are in place for your safety as well as everyone else’s.

Airlines will allow you to bring anything with you on a flight as long as it is considered safe, however, some guidelines will vary from airline to airline. However, there are generalized rules about what cannot be carried on a plane. Some of these items include:

  • Paint
  • Fuels of any kind
  • Any flammable liquids
  • Explosives (fireworks, flares etc.)
  • Chemicals (bleach, chlorine, fertilizer)
  • Alcohol (when over 70% proof)

It is also worth noting that some items are perfectly fine to bring in checked luggage, but will not be allowed onto the plane in your hand luggage. Again, these restrictions are for safety reasons. Items that you can bring in checked luggage, but not hand luggage are:

  • Self-defense items (BB guns, pepper spray, ammunition)
  • Sports equipment (hockey sticks, golf clubs, skis etc.)
  • Any sharp objects (scissors, knives, tent pegs). Note that these must be properly wrapped for safety.
  • Large bottles containing liquid (including drinks and alcohol)

Am I allowed to carry a vacuum cleaner inside my checked-in bag?

The main problem with knowing exactly what you can and cannot carry in your checked-in bag is that some airlines are just not specific enough. In most cases, they will have a rule about electronics and batteries but most will not say anything specific about a vacuum cleaner.

So, technically most airlines do not say anything against carrying a vacuum cleaner inside your checked-in bag, meaning that by proxy you should be able to bring it. If challenged you can refer to the airline’s rules.

The biggest problem with bringing a vacuum cleaner in your luggage is that it may be too big or too heavy. Airlines are very strict about the size and weight restrictions that they have on passengers’ luggage. This is to ensure that the plane is not too heavy to fly and that their staff are able to lift the bags onto the plane.

So, it is best to check ahead of time whether your vacuum cleaner will fit inside your suitcase and if it is under the weight limit. If it is not within these parameters, and you still want to bring a hoover with you on your flight, there are many modern and compact vacuums out there on the market. There are even small robots such as Roombas.

Make sure that you pack the vacuum cleaner well so that it does not get damaged, dented or completely broken throughout its journey.


So, can you bring a vacuum cleaner in flight? The answer is yes, you can bring a vacuum cleaner with you on a flight, even in your carry-on luggage if it is small enough. However, in most cases, it will be better to check your vacuum cleaner in by placing it carefully into a suitcase.

If you are unsure about your airline in particular then it is better to get in touch with them in advance to ask about bringing your vacuum cleaner with you so that you can save time at the airport and breeze through the airport onto the plane.

Make sure that your vacuum cleaner is not too heavy or too big to pack into a suitcase and that you do not go over the weight or size allowance that you have for that flight.

Consider your return flight as well as different airlines have different rules and regulations regarding luggage allowances.