How long can a cockroach live in a vacuum

How Long Can A Cockroach Live in a Vacuum?

Cockroaches can survive inside vacuum cleaners despite the heat, lack of clean air, and constant movement. These resilient creatures have everything they need to thrive and survive. Vacuums are hospitable environments for cockroaches, so be sure to pay careful attention to vacuum care.

If you are curious how long cockroaches can live in a vacuum continue reading this article. In the remainder of this article we will discuss whether cockroaches can survive in vacuum cleaners and better ways to effectively kill cockroaches.

Can a cockroach survive a vacuum?

Cockroaches can easily survive inside a vacuum cleaner. Heat and movement are no problem for the cockroach. They can also withstand intense pressure, suction, and wind.

Furthermore, the air inside vacuum cleaners are breathable for cockroaches. The breathable air means that cockroaches can thrive in this nasty environment, given you do not empty your vacuum bag.

In addition to the adult cockroaches ability to survive inside vacuum bags, the eggs of a female cockroach may also survive inside vacuum bags. Eggs are laid in these vacuum bags because of how hospitable the environment is.

Female cockroaches lay roughly 16 eggs at a time. With multiple females laying eggs at a time, colonies grow in masses inside the vacuum cleaner bags. If you do not clean your bag after each use, these will hatch within only a week.

Eggs can develop into fully grown adult cockroaches from inside the vacuum bag. From there they will continue living until you dump them from the bag or crawl out from your vacuum and into the house.

To remove cockroaches infestations from your bag you must set it in the sun, shake them into the dumpster, or freeze the bag. You may also dispose of the vacuum bag if it is a disposable bag.

Some vacuums have made bio-degradable disposable films, which make emptying your bag easier! However, peeling and disposing your bag can become expensive over time.

It is worth considering that cockroaches may also live in other areas of the vacuum such as the head. When you are done vacuuming, double tap the rod against the ground twice to see if any roaches fall out.

Even if these roaches get away from you, it is better to prevent them from getting stuck in your vaccuum than having problems later.

How long can a cockroach live without air?

When cockroaches are completely deprived of air they will die within a few minutes. Cockroaches are resilient creatures so even the slightest oxygen will help them survive. That is why the space must a tight vacuum where they cannot get any oxygen whatsoever.

Some cockroaches have been reported to survive as long as almost forty-five minutes without air. So, the amount of time a cockroach survives depends on the cockroach.

When vacuuming your floors, cockroaches are not deprived of air in the same way. Filtration systems build into your vacuum allow air in and so dooes the vacuum head.

Although the air inside vacuum cleaner bags seems unbreathable to humans, cockroaches are perfectly capable of breathing it.

Do roaches die when vacuumed?

According to Lancaster University, cockroaches will not die when they are vacuumed. The only real way to kill a cockroach is by pest control intervention or by freezing the cockroach.

Inside a vacuum cleaner or in a vacuum cleaner bag, there are plenty of air and food scraps for cockroaches to survive comfortably. They can live in there for weeks or months as long as you do not empty the bag.

Plus, cockroaches are heat resistant up to 115 to 120 Farenheit. Vacuums produce only a small amount of heat that actually draws cockroaches and can shorten the length of the cockroaches hatch time. The only threat to cockroaches regarding vacuum heat is when you do not clean the filter, which causes it to overheat.

It is likely that if you have vacuumed a cockroach but it has not come out, it is stuck in the dust bag or lint collector. Do not try to dump the dust pan in your indoor trash or the cockroach will crawl back out and continue infesting.

Instead, use a more effective cockroach killing method that will prevent the cockroach from continuing infestation. Simple intervention using a bug strip can stop cockroaches from hatching eggs across your house.

What can kill a cockroach effectively?

The most effective way to kill a cockroach is to hire a bug exterminator professional. Bug exterminators will use pet-safe and furniture-safe products. They also know the ideal spots to treat and have a keen eye for insect eggs and other problem areas you may not notice.

There are many other common ways you can kill a cockroach effectively, like using bug bait strips. Bug bait strips catch the cockroaches as they walk by.

Using homemade cleaners and kitchen products like Borax, baking soda, and boric acid are great for killing cockroaches. Mixing these kinds of things together are helpful because cockroaches are naturally drawn to them despite them being poisonous.

Sunlight is an effective tool against cockroaches that is natural and free. If you have natural sunlight in your home, open the blinds and let the sunlight in. Similarly, the cold is another way to naturally kill cockroaches in your home.

If you live somewhere that gets extra chilly during winter, open the windows and let the draft in. You will need to do this constantly for several days so you may not want to be home while doing so!

In contrast, you can also bring certain furniture outside and place it in the cold. After a few hours all the cockroaches on your furniture should be dead.

The most important part of killing roaches is taking preventative measures. Keep a clean environment and take  your trash out regularly. Avoid placing things on the ground and clean up spills. Roaches love sweets and leftover foods, so throw things away when you are done!

Can vacuum cleaners kill cockroaches?

Vacuum cleaners cannot kill cockroaches by sucking them up. Trying to kill cockroaches with a vacuum cleaner by vacuuming them is unlikely to happen naturally.

One way that you can kill a cockroach by vacuuming is to smash the cockroach with the vacuum cleaner wheels. This is a difficult tactic because it is very inaccurate and you are unlikely to hit the cockroach.

Instead of using this method, there are dozens of other ways that you can kill cockroaches more effectively. These can provide instant results and they will not have you running across your home frantically chasing cockroaches!


Cockroaches can live in a vacuum. The heat and constant movement does not have an effect on cockroaches. Plus, the air inside vacuum cleaner bags is breathable for cockroaches so it makes living inside cockroaches possible.

If you vacuum a cockroach while vacuuming, you will not kill it. Cockroaches can survive for as long as they need inside your vacuum. Empty the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag outside in the dumpster to avoid having the cockroaches return.

There are many other methods that can kill cockroaches permenantely. The most effective method for removing cockroaches from your home is to hire a professional exterminator. The exterminator will target problem areas and wipe your home clean of harmful pests.