Best Vacuum for Stairs

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Stairs

So, you’re on the look out for the best vacuum cleaners for stairs, cleaning your staircase shouldn’t be a difficult task but if you seem to be struggling then you obviously don’t have the best vacuum for your stairs thus making this job ten times harder than it actually should be.

The main factors to look out for when buying a vacuum cleaner for this job is, being cordless: make sure you go for a cordless variant of the cleaner you’re wanting to buy, trust me when I say this, it makes life a whole lot easier when you’re not constantly trying to look out for a power cord that will otherwise trip you up, or running out of power cord if you have a very long or multi-level stair case to clean, this is always a pain, or unplugging your vacuum cleaner downstairs then having to go up flights of stairs on your landing to plug it into a socket again to resume your cleaning…

Why make vacuuming your stairs more difficult?

If you’re in a rush and want a quick review, here are our choices:

Best vacuum cleaners for Stairs

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Is The Tineco A11 Hero Good for Stairs?

This fantastic vacuum cleaner is built to last and has great reviews on No products found. (over 5,000!) The real reason this vacuum cleaner is one of the best for staircases is because of its’ portability and light weight design without any loss of power, it will completely replace your old upright vacuum cleaner, it is bagless so no need to buy additional dustbin bags and it packs away nice and neatly with an included wall mount.

The Tineco A11 is the best all round choice, we would recommend going for the next model up though, if you can afford the little extra cost, simply because of the upgraded roller brush and extra attachments that comes with the vacuum cleaner, the extra attachments include: soft dusting brush, flexible long crevice tool, multi-angle folding tube and a flexible extension hose. The battery also gives you an extra 10 minutes of use too, bringing the total runtime for the Tineco A11 Master to 50 minutes, instead of the 40 minutes given by the A11 Hero.

Both of these models are very much the same so I wouldn’t worry going with either of these and if you compare the prices to a similar Dyson model, you’ll be saving a lot of money buying this one anyway, so you may as well treat yourself and buy the Master with all the attachments you would need to get all sorts of jobs done.

Both the No products found. and the No products found., are superb choices and very similar in use, with only the 10 minutes extra runtime and extra attachments, you definitely will not be disappointed investing in one of these.

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How Does The Vistefly Cordless Vacuum Clean Stairs?

The Vistefly vacuum cleaner is a bargain for the price it No products found.. This vacuum is very good value for money, it has a 2200MAH battery which is actually removable, so you can purchase multiple batteries and have them pre-charged and ready to swap out, each battery gives you a massive 50 minutes runtime. The battery runtime alone would be

very useful if you have a large home or lots of stairs in the house that need vacuuming.

Lots of staircase attachments

Vistefly V10 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The main attraction for people when it comes to this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with an entire attachment range, which is included with the vacuum itself, a crevice tool, brush crevice tool and

a high powered mini brush, which is fantastic for hoovering staircase kick-boards.

The VisteFly Cordless Vacuum cleaner is second on our list of recommendations due to its plethora of attachments, long battery runtime and price to performance.

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Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 The Best Vacuum Cleaner for stairs?

The Vax ONEPWR  Blade 4 vacuum cleaner has been proven to clean better than the more common top 3 other branded manufacture models.

Vax OnePower Balde 3 PetThe main benefits of this vacuum cleaner is the versatility and detachable battery for continuous vacuuming around the home, this feature alone is already better than the Dysons’ for example, the Dyson units do not allow the owner to swap out the battery when required and lets face it, batteries do tend to lose capacity over time and this allows you to simply detach the battery effortlessly and snap a new one in which makes the vacuum future-proof.

No products found., There are two variants that Vax provide, one is the 3.0 Ah battery and the other is the 4.0 Ah battery, because the price difference of the two is very little, we recommend that if you are looking to buy a spare, go for the 4.0 Ah version, this will give you more power and battery life, well worth it, our moto is “make the right choice and buy it once” instead of multiple or wishing you had, Oh and also make sure you are purchasing the genuine Vax version of this battery, there are third party vendors/manufactures that also sell this battery, All our links within this article will send you to the genuine versions.

Now, the reason this vacuum cleaner is the best for stairs is because of the light-weight ergonomic handle and the motorised pet tool, although this is advertised as a pet tool, it is supposed to be used for upholstery and carpet, the bristles, once connected to the vacuum unit, agitates the surface which makes it really easy to suck up all that hidden dust and hair within your staircase, I still can not believe how much comes out of my stairs with this vacuum cleaner, unbelievable.

This particular ONEPWR Blade 4 was given the thumbs up by Which? Best buy for 2020.

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Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A great overall vacuum cleaner, it’s, so far worked on everything We’ve thrown at it, with a long haired cat at home and two ladies, our carpet everywhere in the house always has hair build up! The Shark IZ251UKT actually makes it quite easy to clean, especially with the right attachment.

The only issue we’ve come across is the “Anti-wrap” brush technology, this is a little hit and miss, sometimes the hair does untangle, which gets collected in the dustbin, however, sometimes there is hair build up on the brush itself, like other vacuums tend to do, You’ll need to try it out to see if it works for you however, if this doesn’t pose a problem for you then no doubt, this vacuum cleaner would be a great bargain for your stairs as well as around the home, a fantastic all rounded vacuum cleaner.

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Lastly, The Trusted Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner

The Henry hoover, an icon within the vacuuming business, used in professional/commercial environments as well as at home, The suction, power is second to none in comparison to the rest of the vacuums on our list, it’s built to last and has on average five times more capacity than any of the more light weight stick type vacuums, most importantly, it has a 2.2 metre flexible hose which allows you to leave the vacuum cleaner down stairs or on the landing while you vacuum your stairs.

This vacuum cleaner can do it all, carpets, hardwood, cars and literally anything you want it to suck up!

Henry Vacuum CleanerThere’s one kicker, The Henry ranges all require dustbin bags, which doesn’t need to be a negative… the No products found. sold are engineered to “keep dust in” with a self-seal design that locks all the dust and debris within the bag so you will not be choking when you’re emptying, which is fantastic for allergy sufferers, in comparison to stick vacuum cleaners, they tend to be bagless and even though they also keep dirt and dust in and have amazing HEPA filtration, most of these units have a one click button emptying process which drops the dustbin lid and releases all the contents in a big puff into the bin, which allows dust particles to escape… NOT the Henry, from the moment the dirt is picked up and sucked into the bag, it stays in the bag.

The Henry vacuum is built to last and has also been independently rated as the U.K’s most reliable vacuum cleaner manufacture on the market, it is the swiss army knife of vacuum cleaners and a flight of stairs will not be an issue for this, that’s for sure, it will not disappoint.

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To Conclude

All our vacuum cleaner picks will do a great job for cleaning vacuuming your stairs and they are all best vacuum cleaners for stairs but a couple stand out above the rest, in our opinion we would recommend the No products found. because it is powerful, easily moves around as it is on castor wheels and has the 2.2m flexible hose as well as a 6 litre capacity, which is huge when comparing to others on our list, our second personal favourite is the No products found., this is a great vacuum for all purposes around your home with the added versatility to be able to buy additional batteries as we already mentioned for the extra runtime if you need or to simply swap out as time goes by and your original battery may lose its’ charge but don’t forget to No products found., it’s worth the extra money spent!