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Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Best Price

Hello everyone well today I’m going to be giving you a full in-depth review and critique of this little lady sitting next to me on the table. The Hetty vacuum cleaner! Her official name is Hetty I think you’ll know that by now because she does have a name printed on the top, I’ll also share where you can buy the Hetty vacuum cleaner at the best price.

Who is Hetty? What is a Hetty Vacuum cleaner? Hetty vacuum cleaner best price?

Hetty is a relative to Henry, which is a very famous well known vacuum, Hetty is more or less identical to Henry in every way apart from the fans they have, she’s pink and she’s got some lovely little eyelashes, despite the face Hetty is just an inanimate object, a vacuum cleaner to serve man and woman kind in their pursuit of a clean home but does Hetty fulfil this job? does she clean the home? does she do it well…? does she do it quietly? And has she got a long reach? well the answer to some of those questions is yes and the answer to others is possibly not but, anyway a lot of people like Hetty and Henry and it’s because of this smiley face that some Numatic designer thought, let’s put a face on our vacuums to give them some more personality so everyone thinks they’re cute.

Numatic have allowed people to customise the Hetty vacuum cleaner by removing the vacuums facial features, primarily her eyes and eye lashes, the big hooter (vacuum nozzle that looks like a nose) still remains to suck up all the dirt and she’ll still work the same but when you look behind you when you’re pulling Hetty along and you look behind, there’s no eyes looking back at you lovingly, is that going to make your housework just a little bit dull? anyway you might think Numatic have given the option on all the Hetty vacuum cleaners but actually this is a feature of the later variants of this model, to remove the face. The face in the early machines were made using a sticker, so you had to stick it on yourself but after that they printed on the tongue and then the final variant we have now, the face comes in this pre molded plastic form which clips on and off so you can decide how you want your Hetty vacuum cleaner to look!

How does the Hetty Vacuum Perform and What’s in the Box?

hetty vacuum cleaner best priceLet’s plug Hetty in and get her going, lets imagine, here she is in all her glory, Hetty fully assembled and ready to go! Right, what do you get with Hetty in the box? well Hetty comes with a very long strong crushproof hose to reach all around your home she also comes with two strong metal extension tubes and a curved metal handpiece with a suction regulator for cleaning your carpets and hard floors, you’ve got this combination nozzle again very well made with a metal soleplate so it glides easily across your carpets, you’ve got too little pickers either side of the suction Inlet and when you want to clean hard floors there’s a foot-operated pedal which lowers the brush for cleaning your hard floors and laminates, so that’s the main parts.

What other little tools you get with the Hetty vacuum cleaner?

Well first of all you get this soft dusting brush that’s ideal for cleaning your blinds your shelving your curtain rails helmets that sort of thing, quite a nice natural bristle brush and fairly delicate so you can use it for more delicate items also you get this crevice tool that’s brilliant at doing all your nooks and your crannies getting down the sides of your sofa where you’ve spilt all the biscuit crumbs when you’ve been having a bit of a munch, you know you only wanted a couple of digestives but it ended up being half the pack, well some of that pack ends up down the sides and crumbs always find their way down the sides of sofas and chairs! Whoops so that will deal with those nasty little crumbs, you also get this general-purpose nozzle you can use on many things like your stairs your upholstery your car seats and I suspect your curtains as well if you turn the power down on Hetty, it’s also got another brush, stiffer than the dusting brush that slides onto the nozzle that I would use for your stairs if you want to get a bit of agitation going to release the dirt you can use that, you can also use it on some upholstery, not delicate upholstery but general upholstery you can use it on again inside your car, it has all sorts of uses with the stiffer brush, but because it’s a stiffer brush I wouldn’t use it on delicate items, the brush attachments just slide on and off very easily.

The other thing you get, well the other thing I got and I have been told that this is an Amazon seller exclusive in the UK and US, is this extra extension hose so that enables Hetty a longer reach, she’s already got very long hose much longer than most cylinder cleaners you can buy but with this extra hose you get with the Hetty vacuum cleaner you can take the suction right to the top of the stairs really easily with Hetty safely at the bottom so basically, with the extension hose it’s just a shorter version of the big hose but both ends are shaped like this so on one of the ends you put this and you get another one of these too, the tool I just spoke about before, you get two of these so one of these you can use on your extension hose so basically you just push them together and that gives you a very very long hose it’s good for stairs but I’ve also found it good if you’re having a good spring clean and you want to use your heading for your above floor jobs I’ve got lots of Venetian blinds that need cleaning, well what I do is I put the dusting brush on either on the handle or sometimes directly onto the hose end and with Hetty quite far away I’ve got the flexibility to use the dusting tool all over and it’s also good actually if you’ve got an old house with high ceilings and you need to work up a ladder, This extra length of hose just gives you that flexibility that you need but like I say I have been told that it's only Amazon online orders so please check when you make an order.


Most of the third party tools and accessories for Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners tend to be on the cheap side and they are very plentiful because of course this comes from the commercial market so if you haven’t got one of these vacuums already, it’s well worth it and you’ll see later on when I talk through a demonstration I did, cleaning the stairs how invaluable that really is because Hetty bless her she’s not very good on the stairs without this extension hoses… well that’s everything you get of course you do get a bag fitted and I believe it’s also got three spare bags you get with Hetty. I’ve talked about all the tools now that come in the box so let’s look at Hetty in more detail.

Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Best Price ….. Amazon!

hetty vacuum cleaner best pricesRight, The Hetty vacuum is quite bulky in some of the pictures, looks quite cute and compact in other pictures but when you get her home she’s got quite a lot of bulk to her and although she’s got a nice large robust carry handle she’s a fair weight, she’s not a lightweight compact cylinder vacuum so bear that in mind although Hetty does follow you fairly easily around the house, she has two Castor’s (wheels) at the front and two large wheels at the rear, she isn’t as maneuverable as some vacuums especially the cylinder machines you get that of all caster wheels such as some of the SEBO vacuums. Looking at some cylinder vacuums on the market actually and I think all the Miele vacuums have these casters not wheels that makes them more maneuverable but Hetty or Henry, they’ve got wheels at the back here and they’re fixed so she isn’t as nimble as she could be so maybe in the future although this is a classic design and Numatic don’t really bring out many new models and designs and why would they need to when all the current models are best sellers, Although I would like to see something more compact and lightweight and possibly with swivel casters all the way around so Hetty’s more maneuverable but saying that she still does follow you around well but she can get caught on furniture if you’re not looking where you’re going and can topple over especially after.

so like I said nice fold away carry handle on the top also on the top of machine we’ve got this port rewind so unlike a lot of cylinder cleaners have automatic cord rewind heads she has a manual rewind but it’s still better than no rewind at all and you need a rewind on Hetty because Hetty has a very very very long 10 meter cable so you’ll find that in many homes you can plug Hetty into one central point and clean a entire floor of your house without having to unplug but when you have finished, instead of a button to press like on many vacuums, you do have to manually rewind the machine but it is quite quick.

New Numatic Hetty Feature

From September though some of the newer versions are out in the stores already, they will have two switches, your Auto Save button so when you switch the machine on initially, the machine will operate at a lower wattage at about 600 watts and if you want more power the full power of 1200 watts you need to press this high button in and release it, this red light will glow and it will be on full power.

You can also adjust the suction power apart from doing it electronically with a two-speed motor you’ve got this suction regulator actually on the handle it’s a little bit hard to do, you have to twist it with your whole hand but you open up the valve to reduce the suction and you close it to increase it, so that’s useful if you just want to quickly reduce a suction but normally I’d keep that closed, what else do we have on the top? well there is the exhaust vent where the vacuums’ exhausts out of the rear.

This is a relatively new feature on the Henry and Hetty cleaners, this is a parking bracket you’ll notice on the floor tool you’ve got little gubbins slots and it sits there so if you want to pause your cleaning for any length of time you can just pop the hose in there instead of throwing that tool on the floor and picking up it’s already at hand height for you and then you just lift off and then start cleaning again.

There’s also space to store one cleaning tool that’s all unfortunately so whichever tool you like to use the most whether you use a dusting brush most or possibly the all-purpose nozzle slash brush you can pop that on the back and have it to hand and Hetty will carry that wherever you go so it’s always a hand or the dusting brush or you could put the crevice tool on the back if you want to so that’s the top of the machine covered.

So currently this machine has a maximum wattage of 1,200 watts from September and new ICI law will come into effect in ICI countries including the UK where any new newly produced vacuum cleaners will have an energy rating, they’ll have a performance rating but they also have to be rated in watts less than 1,300 and in 2017 that will be less than 900 I believe.

best price hetty vacuum cleanerHere’s a little tip now, grab an air freshener disc, any will do and put it in the vacuum so when the exhaust air comes out the machine it has a nice smell to it I suggest just popping an air freshener disc or capsule or something in the top under the lid, you could put it in the bag compartment as well as just don’t put it inside the bag unless they’re designed for inside the bag like the granules you can buy, I wouldn’t put those loose in here but they put those in the bag but if you have one of these solid type air fresheners, I just slit slip it inside there and it freshens the air when you vacuum.

The bags are huge on these machines and they are the HEPA flow bags, it’s a fabric bag which are far more durable than the old-fashioned paper banks that they used to have and my advice is always go for the genuine bags whichever brand a vacuum you go for but with the Henry and Hetty bags they’re fairly very cheap anyway (for the originals) but look at the size of them they’re absolutely huge I mean, it’s the size of a pillow in fact or a sofa cushion and basically it’s more or less the same size as a fairly large sofa cushion so you’re going to hold a lot of dirt in there so it will start to smell musty from time to time especially if you’ve got pets so that’s why a little air freshener in the top of the filter will help to stop that smell blowing out, you’ve also got a little flap on here that closes manually just hold that over when you need to dispose of the dust bag and there’s a little sort of flexible ring around the entrance to the bag that helps to seal it onto the bag support tube which is here so basically the bag you just fit on by pushing it into place.

You can use these without bags and in a lot of commercial environments I have seen them used without bin bags but it does mean this filter will need cleaning more often so in a domestic environment use the bags and as I say they're dirt cheap some places you can buy ten bags for £8-£10 and that's the original bags so ten bags at that size are going to last you absolutely ages so don’t skimp on that it’s a small price to pay for getting a cleaner dirt disposal solution.

Hetty Vacuum Cleaner BEST PRICE

You can of course buy the Hetty vacuum cleaner anywhere and any parts you might need for this machine whether you need new cleaning tools or other parts they are also widely available and relatively cheap to buy so you can keep the machine running for as long as you can really it’s – points well it is quite heavy it’s quite bulky it’s not so easy to pull along behind you as a regular normal shaped vacuum cleaner it’s also not very convenient to use and it’s hard work to use on full power, it’s quite hard to push the nozzle back and forth as it has incredible suction power so you’ll find yourself using the lower power setting more and then you’re not getting an effective clean unless you are using Hetty for hard floors where it can easily glide, it’ll suck everything in its path, It has no problem cleaning hard floors but on the whole I’d say yes to this vacuum any day, it’s incredible, has brilliant suction power and all round a good machine and the majority of people that do buy this machine have put good reviews on Amazon and other places stating they do recommend it too, you should not be paying more than £145 for this vacuum.

So what is the best price for hetty vacuum cleaner?

Numatic hetty vacuum cleaner best prices can be easily found online by simply searching on Google or various other search engines or even better, right here, we’ve sprinkled a few gems in this article that will get you some of the most super competitive prices for this little hetty vacuum cleaner, so please, USE THE INFORMATION, MAKE THOSE SAVINGS!