Which henry hoover is the best

Which Henry Hoover Should You Buy and Does it Beat The all Mighty Dyson?

Which is the best Henry Hoover?


While there are 3-4 variants of the infamous “Numatic Henry Hoover“, are all henry hoovers the same and what are the main differences to these beauts!


Why are these hoovers so popular?


Henry Vacuum Cleaner Best Price b&qLet’s start talking about the main, official vacuum model, which is of course, good old Henry the hoover, this classic has 620 watts of power from the plug socket (240 volts), also with a huge 6 litre dust/bin capacity which is pretty impressive and blows any cordless vacuum out of the water. It has a very simple user interface which has no toggle output power, just one continuous suction for ease of use and a 10 (ten!) metre retracting power cord giving you a lot of vacuuming flexibility, Henry hoover is pretty much a very simple but powerful and easy to use vacuum cleaner.



Difference between Hetty/Henry the Hoover?


best price hetty vacuum cleanerLets move on to lovely Hetty the Hoover, well, this model is very much the same as Henry in every way apart from the cost (the Hetty hoover will set you back around £30 more) but don’t forget Hetty is far prettier than Harry or Henry, so what is the additional cost when you factor in her chirpiness. Hetty the vacuum cleaner has the same power as Henry which is 620 watts but it has the same dust/bin capacity of 6 litres, so the main differences between Hetty and Henry hoovers are the colours, the aesthetics, so if it’s between either of these two models, it is up to your preference but in terms of features and functionality, they are both identical.






What is the difference between Henry and Harry hoover?


Harry Vacuum cleaner best priceThe Numatic Harry hoover has its differences when comparing it to Henry the hoover, mainly it’s huge 9 litre bin/dust capacity, bearing in mind Henry only has a 6 litre capacity. In terms of power, Harry and Henry are still the same at 620 watts, the cord and nozzle lengths are the same so we’re looking at the same vacuuming reach. The Numatic Harry model weighs an additional 1 kilogram more than Henry and Hetty so bare this in mind if you’re wanting a more lightweight vacuum cleaner although the lighter models (Henry/Hetty) will have a 6 litre bin, instead of a 9 litre bin capacity which results in the extra 1 kg of weight.




To conclude, there are lots of vacuum cleaner brands on the market but if you’re wanting the best of the best to select from, Numatics vacuum range definitely have very robust, long lasting, powerful models to choose from.