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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hair Salon

If you work in or own a hair salon, you’ll understand that you shouldn’t just go out and buy any vacuum cleaner for your business. Most home-use or domestic vacuum cleaners just won’t cut it (get it? cut it!) when it comes to constantly vacuuming up humans long hair from the floor, simply because consumer grade vacuum cleaners are manufactured and tested for home-use purposes rather than vacuuming hair all day long, every day and this is why it’s important to at least have a good idea at which models are the best vacuum cleaner for your hair salon before going out and potentially wasting hard earned cash on a machine that will most likely need to be returned within a couple of weeks or even worse, malfunctions due to salon hair build up and becomes faulty when you need it most.

In short,  if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read this article, the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon duties in our opinion would be the Henry or Hetty, this vacuum cleaner is manufactured by Numatic and has a long history of being very reliable as well as commercial usage among many industries, which one you purchase would be down to personal preference

Why Do Hair Salons need a Vacuum Cleaner?

If you’ve searched online and found yourself here then you must already know the answer to this question but if you didn’t then we’ll give you a few reasons why a hair salon would need a vacuum cleaner. Hair salons in most cases accommodate a lot of clients each day, most of which come in to hair salons to get their hair cut. Most of the times hair stylists will sweep the residual hair from the floor using a broom which is ideal but when you are cleaning at the end of the day, there will be quite a lot of hair build up on the floor that a bristle broom and a dust pan just will not be able to pick up, this is why having a vacuum cleaner for your hair salon is a wise idea, it can speed up the cleaning at the end of your working day with no mess.

What is The Best Vacuum Cleaner for a Hair Salon?

Many different reasons come into play for wanting to buy the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon duties and for very good reasons, if you have a large hair salon, cleaning can be very tedious and take a long time to complete, therefore we want to help make your life easier by going through the top 5 most popular vacuum cleaners for hair salon cleaning, so you can decide which best suits your personal needs as each hair salon varies in floor space and size.

Let’s get into it.

First on our list for the best vacuum cleaner for hair salons

This vacuum cleaner has been mentioned quite a lot on our previous reviews on our website and quite rightly so, The good old Henry vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner is possibly one of the best versatile vacuums on the market to date.

Since it’s launch birth-date back in 1970, very little has changed in looks, but this vacuum has been upgraded internally and most importantly, loved by many worldwide, not only for its’ cuteness but primarily its vacuuming capabilities. When the Henry vacuum cleaner came to the market, it was essentially built for commercial cleaning, think of;, cleaning companies providing cleaning services.

One of the greatest achievements over time is the fact that this vacuum cleaner has lasted over 50 years and is still one of the best choices to buy both in the commercial cleaning and home-consumer based cleaning situations and at a very reasonable price point too, you can’t actually beat the price to performance with other branded vacuums when comparing it to this one… There is no comparison.

It’s simply that too good of a deal. Buy this vacuum and you will literally never have to look else where, we can promise you that. This vacuum gets the job done and can suck up anything the floor throws at it, it works just as well on any floor type so going from carpet to tile is not a problem.

Number 2 on our Best Salon vacuum cleaner list

This vacuum cleaner is primarily on our list because of its’ mobility and ease of use, it’s light-weight and is very good at dealing with hair, works really well on both hard type floors or carpet. The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 has a stunning sleek design and will compliment any hair salons’ decor, you could even leave this out on show, mounted on a wall, it’ll fit in nicely.

Why this vacuum cleaner is on our list? Because of its’ ability to deal with hair, the main purpose for this vacuum is how it vacuums hair with the ability to not get clogged up, due a spin button which is located near the trigger of the handle, this is pretty out of the box thinking back Vax, they have allowed control over the brush-head which gives more user-defined cleaning, this and the fact it is cordless and comes with 2 batteries, you can vacuum your salon for over 90 minutes (45 minutes per battery), that’s a lot of cleaning time and we highly doubt you will be vacuuming your hair salon for longer periods, if you need a quick spot clean type of vacuum without the need of pulling a bulky canister type bagged vacuum cleaner around with you, then this vacuum would be the ideal choice for your hair salon, you will not regret purchasing the VAX ONEPWR Blade 4, that’s for sure.

Because this vacuum cleaner is considered a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, it is very light-weight and with a 0.6 liter bin capacity, it is a little compromising but because it is bag-less, you don’t need to spend money constantly buying accessories when buying this vacuum cleaner, simply press the lid latch button and it empties the dust-bin fairly easily, realistically, you will probably need to empty this after each use for salon cleaning.


Third on the list is…

Hetty, HETTY! Hetty the vacuum cleaner is Henry’s’ sister, this had to be on our list as it is such a versatile vacuum cleaner, very much like the Henry model. Hetty is the pretty in pink version which is built to last, it has a very large bin capacity which holds up to 5 times more than any bag-less vacuum cleaner making it low maintenance, it is powerful and a perfect all-rounder machine for every day use.

One of the reasons that make Hetty and Henry such good vacuum cleaners is the fact they still use vacuum bags with a one way valve system so when dust and debris get sucked in, it stays in the bag, even when emptying, causing less dust in the air and in turn, reduces overall allergies and increases cleanliness, these hoovers both use the same Henry Hepa-Flow bags much like other models in the Numatic vacuum cleaner range.

Again, as we have recommended above, if you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner that will last, has all the power that’s needed to vacuum hair up and at a decent price-point, there’s no content, Henry or Hetty should be your go-to hair salon vacuum cleaner.



Fourth on the list for the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon cleaning…

So far, our recommendations have been light-weight and pull-along vacuum cleaners, rather than upright pull/pushing type traditional vacuums simply because pulling is a little easier than the push/pull motion which can cause quite a bit of stress on your back however, if you’re wanting a traditional upright vacuum cleaner for your hair salon then the Vax Mach Air is one of the best budget upright bag-less vacuum cleaner currently on the market which will work very well at vacuuming up hair from any type of surface.

The Vax Mach Air works really well at picking up hair from carpets, so if your salon has tile, it’ll make it even easier as tile has no fibers for the hair to get trapped in, the brush on this vacuum cleaner is ultra-wide (13.5 inches) so you get more vacuuming down each pass, reducing the time spent vacuuming.

This vacuum also has a detachable hose which is 6 feet long if you need to do spot cleaning rather than an entire floor which makes it quite a versatile machine for general use and a fantastic choice if you’re wanting an upright vacuum cleaner.

Lastly, on our top 5 best vacuum cleaners for hair salons list…

The Tineco A10 Hero is a light weight stick vacuum cleaner that packs a punch, this vacuum cleaner is cordless, with a runtime of 40 minutes per charge which should be enough use-time for the largest of hair salon floors, my only gripe with this vacuum is that it has quite a small dust-bin, a capacity of 0.7L which actually is a little bigger than most cordless stick vacuum cleaners so it’s not so bad but if you do have a lot of clients hair to vacuum, you could be finding yourself having to empty the canister often but this would be our only gripe as said.

The A10 Hero has fantastic reviews and when we tested this model out, it glided across the floor and we couldn’t believe at how light-weight it was. The vacuum itself has a slight indent just below the handle which allows you to lean the unit up against a table or work-surface without having it slide off and falling to the ground, many other stick vacuums do not have this and most often when trying to lean them up against a surface, it feels as though you are playing with fate and it eventually ends up slipping and falling to its’ doom, if you’re unlucky enough, could lead to cracking the plastic canister.

This vacuum is good for all types of surfaces, cordless and compact, light-weight and fantastic value for money, if you need a light-weight affordable vacuum that just gets it done, this model should definitely be considered.

To conclude

What is the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon cleaning? Well this very much depends on a few factors, how large your hair salon is? How much hair will you be needing to vacuum? Do you or your hair clients suffer from dust allergies? Do you need a cordless vacuum cleaner? We think we’ve provided a wide range of vacuum cleaner models which are all highly recommended by us, you simply need to make the final decision on what you would need out of one of these vacuums but know this, all the vacuums mentioned in this article are very well built and will last you a very long time.