samsung vacuum cleaner robot

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot

When you’re searching for the best Samsung vacuum cleaner robot, many variables should come into mind such as price, performance, features and integration so we’ve gone through the entire Samsung robot vacuum cleaner range to pick out the best model that ticks all those boxes, good price to performance ratio and what to go for and what not so much, straight off the bat we’re recommending the Samsung R7040 Robot vacuum with WiFi Connectivity, this vacuum cleaner provides a very good solution for an all rounded home vacuum cleaner with the capability of integrating with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for complete a hands-off cleaning experience, it can be completely voice controlled.

This Samsung vacuum cleaner robot reviewed in this article has been discontinued unfortunately, However, these robot vacuums may be of interest to you as alternatives.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Whilst testing the Samsung R7040 Robot vacuum cleaner, we noticed at how well it cleaned long-pile carpets, many other branded models at this price-point from
iRobot and No products found. really struggle picking up dirt and debris from long-pile carpets and they even put emphasis on this while advertising. Even if you were to look for a similar priced vacuum as the R7040, You wouldn’t get the many features this vacuum has, let alone the WiFi capability and the voice control, this model is know as one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market.

Samsung Vacuums

Samsung have been making electronics since 1938, they have been around for a long time and with time, comes trust. When you purchase this Samsung vacuum cleaner robot, you know you’re getting quality with the safeguard of knowing that if anything were to go wrong with the unit, you’ll be covered with a comprehensive warranty. You can also rest assured that Samsung aren’t just a TV or Mobile manufacturer, they have an entire range of home appliances as well as vacuum cleaners so they know what their doing when it comes to power, longevity, suction and automation, there’s no doubt about that.

Let’s take a look at what you get in the box when you buy the Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot (R7040)

  • R7040 unit
  • 1x Remote control (batteries included)
  • 1x Spare filter
  • Charging docking station
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Battery brick
  • 1x pack of Boundary marker felt tape
samsung vacuum cleaner robot
Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot (R7040)

Now, because this unit already comes packed with features internally that are usually over this price-bracket, you don’t really get nor in fact need many of these accessories that come in the box, for example the remote control, you could toss this aside as it’s completely voice controlled (if you have an Amazon Alexa/Google device*) which pairs up seamlessly with the Smart tech, The extra filter that comes in the box is very convenient to have but not really required, most vacuum cleaners don’t even provide spare filters straight out of the box, they tend to be sold separately, so it’s a nice touch that Samsung include a spare filter in the box and that’s appreciated and applauded because nowadays’ manufacturers seem to give you the bare minimum in the box!

Let’s get into this Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot’s features as we haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

WiFi Connectivity

First, lets touch upon this vacuums WiFi capability. The Samsung R7040 Robot vacuum cleaner has inbuilt WiFi which allows you to connect to your broadband/internet which enables a whole host of features, including mobile APP connectivity with the Samsung SmartThings app, from this app you can remote control this Samsung vacuum cleaner somewhat like a remote control car! Although not required, it does help in situations if you don’t have a Smart voice enabled device such as Alexa or Google Assist  and Bixby devices, so you don’t have to necessarily go out and purchase additional equipment to get the functionality.

Visionary Mapping + FullView Sensors

The Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot R7040 can see and map out your rooms, thanks to the “Visionary Mapping Plus + FullView Sensors” this vacuum has an inbuilt camera + sensors which allows the vacuum cleaner to “map” out your rooms, whereas other robot vacuum cleaners tend to vacuum in a “random” routine, the Samsung vacuum actually can understand where it has already vacuumed and will set out to avoid previous routes which makes each session efficient and makes sure it completes the entire room/space, you can even review a map of your room which shows you exactly where the vacuum has cleaned so you’re able to see if it has missed any spots, I do love Samsung!

Super-Wide Brush

The brush is no ordinary vacuum brush, it comes mounted with a super-wide brush roller which provides efficiency as it vacuums more surface area in one motion meaning it can complete its’ duties much quicker even though you do have ample runtime, with 60 minutes on the normal suction mode (9 cfm) and 40-50 minutes on the high power mode (11 cfm) but this shouldn’t be a problem either as the vacuum cleaner will automatically dock to its’ charging station if it is running low to self-charge and automatically get back to vacuuming if it hasn’t completed its’ full run.

Edge Clean Master

This Samsung vacuum cleaner robot has an ingenious feature called “Edge Clean Master”, with this feature, when the vacuum reaches a corner or base-board/trim it will automatically detect this and will launch its’ bristle sweeping blades which extends and directly brushes the edges using a sweeping motion and sucks the dirt/dust directly up, we’ve not seen this type of feature among other robot vacuums, most other brands normally use rotating side mounted brushes which shows Samsungs’ ingenuity.

Miscellaneous Specs

With all of the features mentioned, this particular robot Samsung vacuum cleaner is among the best automated cleaners on the market at the moment and best of all it’s at a budget, making it the best budget robot vacuum cleaner!

The dustbin capacity is 0.3L which is quite substantial, most stick vacuum cleaners tend to have around 0.5L so in comparison to a traditional type of vacuum, this little robot has a decent waste bin capacity, one last thing I wanted to mention, is that Samsung have placed the vacuums exhaust on the top of the unit itself, this is a clever change as most other robot vacuums have this situated on the sides or even underneath the vacuum, having the exhaust on top of the vacuum stops the spread of surface dust/debris, as you could imagine, if the exhaust was on the side of the unit, it would be constantly blowing dirt around the floor which would could dust allergies to go through the roof! Little features like this really do make the difference.

Let’s summarize!

The R7040, Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot is the best budget vacuum which stands out with all the same features as higher priced models without the loss of performance, it has all the capabilities of a very expensive unit when comparing with other brands and the security of knowing that it is made by a reputable company, This vacuum is a solid choice if you want the Smart features it boasts as well as the cleaning performance it achieves, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this unit one bit.