best vacuum for fleas

Best Vacuum for Fleas

If you think you’ve been itching your head more often than usual or perhaps you have come up with red little bites on your body, one of the first assumptions is to look at your pet as the culprit, The little lovable member of the family, whether it’s a cat of dog, you can’t blame them for being furry and the chances are, if your assumption is correct, they will be suffering far more than you!

Most of the time, the easiest method people tend to do is add certain solutions or fragrances into their current vacuum cleaners in order to try and kill any fleas or flea eggs the vacuum may come in contact with but this only contributes to the problem.

Believe it or not, Fleas, just like Mosquitos are drawn to fragrances or body odours, using these types of methods in an attempt to kill them will only get them even more agitated or active and you will find you will get even more bites!

The most effective way of eliminating Fleas, is by using a powerful bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner, either will do, just follow our recommendations and you’ll be free of Fleas in no time but first, let’s walk through some of the more common questions you may have shall we?

In this article, we will go through the best vacuum for fleas and a few useful tips along the way.

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Our recommendation

  1. The Miele Triflex HX1
  2. The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4
  3. The Shark Upright NZ8801UKT

What are Fleas?

The Siphonaptera or more commonly known as the “Flea”, these tiny pin-point insects are external parasites that feed off of their hosts, mainly blood. There are over 3,000 species. Even though humans can be bitten by a flea, they can’t actually live on us, this is why they tend to live on our pets as they have furry, warm coats they can nestle into.

Why Purchase a Vacuum for Fleas?

Buying a vacuum with the need of eliminating fleas in mind is generally a good reason for wanting to invest into a solid well known model that will do the job and last the test of time, upgrading or updating your household vacuum cleaner to a newer model brings additional benefits to you and your families well being too, for example, with newer vacuum cleaner ranges, come better filtration, HEPA filters are a must if you have any allergies within your family, some models even clean and filter the exhaust air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner, making the air cleaner than it was in the first place, think of modern vacuums being like standalone air purifiers!

Can you get rid of fleas by vacuuming?

It has been proven in most cases that any flea that gets sucked into your vacuum will, in most cases, die instantly, whether it’s an egg, young or adult flea, as soon as it gets “zap’d” by the vacuum, it will most likely have died even before it has reached the bag or bin, Scientists have even proved that vacuuming your home thoroughly, can and does eliminate fleas and their eggs, there and then.

Can Fleas Live in a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Regardless of vacuum cleaner type, bagged, or bagless, upright or handheld, all fleas will die once they have been vacuumed up, we would suggest not emptying the vacuum to quickly, but instead, wait 24 hours at least after you have hoovered, doing this will make sure that any fleas that are sucked up into the bin, will have died and ready to be thrown out, Instead of waiting 24 hours, you can of course, empty the contents into a sealed bag before disposing into your bin. Fleas cannot live in your vacuum cleaner.

Will a Vacuum cleaner pick up Flea Eggs?

Vacuum cleaners can pick up flea eggs, you just need to make sure you buy the best vacuum cleaner for fleas and you will be A-Ok. Most high powered vacuum cleaners that are sold today, will have no issues picking up flea eggs.

Can you vacuum your cat or dog to get rid of fleas?

This may seem strange to some people but you can indeed vacuum your cat or dog using a vacuum cleaner, not only to get rid of fleas but to also groom them for any loose hairs that may be ready to fall, using this grooming method actually kills two birds with one stone and quite recommended.


How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for fleas?

This is quite simple really, if you don’t currently have a vacuum cleaner then we recommend buying the best vacuum cleaner available as this will save you money in the long term, also, knowing that you have invested a decent amount of money in a well-established branded vacuum company, you will definitely have all of the important features that come with a quality cleaner.

With that being said, we will show and go through with you our top 5 best vacuum cleaners for fleas below.

Top 5 Best Vacuums for Fleas For Your Home


Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet

vaxpwr 4.0 ah battery

The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 is one of our recommendations. It’s lightweight, easy to use and has a removable ONEPWR 4.0 Ah battery pack which allows you to keep as many charged batteries that you are willing to buy and simply swap them if 45 minutes runtime isn’t enough for you, in most cases the battery that it comes with in the box is more than enough for daily household cleaning but the option is there. With that being said, the ONEPWR 4.0 Ah battery works with all of the VAXPWR range, so if you do purchase an additional battery, you can make use of it with other machines.

One of the most important benefits of this vacuum cleaner is it has an Antimicrobial protected layer on its bristles which kills any bacterial or fungal growth, this also helps to kill flea eggs and fleas, so if any fleas don’t quite make it up in to the dustbin, you can rest assured that any surface the VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 comes across, will be left absolutely clean.

In addition to the extra antimicrobial brush properties, this vacuum also boasts a unique “DustVault” technology which promises to capture 99% of all particles to as little as 0.3 microns of size and when you consider that an average flea is 500 microns, this vacuum cleaner will easily suck them up without any issues.

To sum this vacuum cleaner up, it’s probably the best cordless stick vacuum available for price to performance and has won multiple awards in 2020. If you decide to go for this model, you will not have any regrets, just do it. This is one of our recommendations for being the best vacuum for fleas.

Sale Vax Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | Up to 45min Runtime | Pet Tool – CLSV-B4KP, Graphite/Cyan Blue
Sale Vax Genuine ONEPWR 4.0Ah Max Battery | 3-Year Warranty | Fits every ONEPWR product | BV25040

Miele Triflex HX1 3 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Miele Triflex HX1 Pro 3in1There’s one word to describe this vacuum cleaner and that’s “Beastly”. The Miele Triflex HX1 does cost in the same region as a Dyson V11 but if you’re thinking it’s a gimmick, just like all Dysons, you would be mistaken. With the confidence that Miele have for this vacuum cleaner, you could bet your home on that this vacuum will out-perform any corded cleaner that is currently on the market, that’s their promise.

Battery life is around 60 minutes on a full charge, so it will last a good cleaning session, unless your home is a mansion with 20+ bedrooms. The beauty of this vacuum is that it comes equipped with an “Intelligent” electro brush that changes setting to adapt to any type of floor surface, you could start vacuuming on wood flooring and move to tile or even carpet and the brush will adjust its height and power in order to perform the best cleaning for each floor type, this saves a lot of time instead of having to hold two brush attachments and swap them manually for hard floor or carpet.

To mention another really good reason to go for this vacuum cleaner, it completely transforms into 3 types of vacuum cleaners, The first, being a normal traditional cordless stick vacuum, the second, a smaller more portable upright cordless and finally, a lightweight handheld, which is ideal for cleaning your stairs, sofa or car, you can see more here.

This vacuum also has a lifetime Hepa (4th generation) filter system which promises to catch 99.999% of all microscopic particles it picks up, this will help immensely if you have children who suffer from dust allergies, not only will it clean your home at a particle level but also ensure any particles are stored without allowing them to escape, it also comes with a wall bracket which allows the vacuum to be stored neatly when it’s not used. This is yet another recommendation for being the best vacuum for fleas.

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum  – IZ201UK

Everyone and their mothers have heard of Shark, Shark vacuums have been around a while now and they have built a very reliable brand over the years and it just so happens they have breached out into cordless lightweight vacuum cleaners.

If you think your household may have fleas, the general consensus shows that you will have a pet and pets have hair, lots of hair. Fleas are attracted to hair as it gives them a nice warm place to live as we mentioned, fleas do not live on humans, they can bite us though! The Shark IZ201UK is a prime candidate for killing fleas and vacuuming hair, it has a state of the art anti-hair wrap brush technology which continuously removes any hair that may have become stuck or attached around the brush, this can be a nightmare if you have a lot of ladies in the house as our hair predominately falls out everywhere.

Again, like the Miele vacuum, has an automatic floor type adjusting feature which changes the brush to allow a easy vacuuming experience, no matter what floor type you are cleaning, there’s no need to change brushes from hard floor to carpet.

With a 40 minute battery run time and 5 year warranty, you can’t really go wrong with this vacuum cleaner, just to add, the battery is removable and you can purchase additional batteries for more constant run time if you wish, you can purchase this vacuum in 4 variants, we recommend going for the “40 minute runtime with Pet tool” or the 80 minute runtime with Pet tool which comes with the extra battery and pet cleaning attachment straight out of the box, saves you money in the long run as they can cost a little more if you purchase these separately.

The second main feature of this cordless vac, is the stick flexibility, the stick can bend just like an elbow and allow you to vacuum underneath beds, sofas or furniture, this feature is pretty intuitive and can be very useful for many situations. A very good buy.

Sale Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IZ251UKT] Anti Hair Wrap, Pet Hair, Twin Battery, Red, Burgundy


Shark Upright Vacuum cleaner Lift-Away – NZ801UKT

All our recommendations for the best vacuum for fleas have been light-weight yet powerful cordless stick vacuums, however this next vacuum is a traditional upright with a twist.

Shark Upright NZ801UKSBThe Shark upright Lift-Away, NZ801UKT is a great affordable alternative if you’re not bothered about flexibility or weight, this vacuum comprises of the traditional upright free standing vacuum cleaner features with a modern tech of being bag-less and can transform into a portable version of itself.

Much like the Shark vacuum above we just spoke about, this one also has the “DuoClean” floor head brush which enables you to effortlessly glide from hardwood to carpet flooring without the need of changing any roller heads or brushes, this is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

The basic package comes with solely the upright vacuum however, we recommend purchasing the entire kit which includes an additional “car kit”, this way, you’re fully prepared and have all the attachments needed for any cleaning job at hand, this variant is an Amazon exclusive so you will not find it elsewhere for the price, it’s a bargain to say the least, it also has its own LED night lights built into the brush head which allows you to clearly see any dust you have missed, this is especially useful on hard floor types.

This vacuum is a corded unit and has an 8 metre length which is great as the typical staircase is around 4 metres long, so there is ample cord to do two flights of stairs without needing to change the socket!

As this is a limited edition, exclusive to Amazon, the only place you can grab this particular model is below, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner – NV681UKT

This vacuum is very much like the previous Shark upright model, one of its’ differences is that this model comes in a unique colour scheme, Bordeaux, as you can see from the images shown, if this is your cup of tea, then be our guests and go for this one but in terms of functionality and features, they both share the same which we will list;

  • Shark Lift-Away technology
  • Upright to portable
  • Ideal for Pet owners
  • Anti-Allergy (completely sealed)
  • LED headlights

One of the main differences from the NV681UKT and the NZ801UKT is that this model comes with the PET attachment brush whereas the NZ801, you would need to purchase the extra kit. The only downside to this model, which makes the NZ801UKT a better pick, is that this model doesn’t have the DuoClean which removes harder to shift dirt/particles and having to change brush heads depending on which floor you are cleaning and because of this, we would very much recommend going for the NZ801UKT model if you are in two minds between these models.


If you’re looking for the best vacuum for fleas and want to also invest in a good quality cleaner for the long term, any one of our top 5 listed items will do the job, make no mistake, these are all very good vacuum cleaners which will all kill fleas, it’s down to your personal preference and importantly, attachments it comes with, with flexibility and ease of use in mind you can be assured you will not be disappointed with any of these.