best vacuum cleaner for berber carpet

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Berber Carpet

If you’re sporting a 1990’s style Berber carpet then you know it can be quite jaw dropping at how many times a day you will need to vacuum up debris from it. These classic style woven or looped carpets are very elegant, some say they are “outdated” but hey, If you like the classic look of the 90’s in your home, who are they to judge!

Berber carpets are also very practical, They are rated one of the best carpets for commercial properties as it can with-stand high traffic as it is very durable because of the way it is stitched in tight loops, so if you have lots of people walking through your home, or maybe you work from home, Berber carpet will last a lot longer than other types of carpet, another good reason to go for Berber!

So… coming back to the real reason you’re here…

Berber carpet can be very difficult to keep clean, they are easily stained due to how the carpet is stitched in an “under-looped” style fashion, however, there are some vacuum cleaners that can ease this problematic area and make it a breeze, The right vacuum cleaner can even rejuvenate existing Berber carpets.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to read on, Here are our choices for the best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet

  1. Numatic George Wet & Dry
  2. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner - NZ801UKTSB
  3. Tineco Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s move onto our reasons.. but first, a few related questions you may have!

What is the best vacuum for Berber carpet?

The trouble is, There are a variety of vacuum cleaners available on the market which all practically do the same thing, but everyone prefers bang for their buck and finding or deciding on the best option for the price, so, for this reason, I would recommend that the best vacuum for Berber carpets would be a good quality wet and dry vacuum such as the Tineco Cordless Wet & Dry, this lesser known manufacturer has come leaps and bounds in terms of build quality and power and also already manufacture parts for well known branded vacuum cleaners, so they are not new to this market.

This vacuum cleaner packs a punch and is far more value for money than any other on the market today.

Best type of vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet?

I can solemnly say for sure, that the best type of vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet would need to be a wet and dry type of cleaner, Having the ability to not only vacuum dust, dirt and debris but also wash up any spillages, trust me, if you have a Berber cream coloured carpet and you slip up, spilling red wine on to it, a normal traditional vacuum cleaner will not do the job, you will need a quick wash solution.

Another reason for picking a wet & dry vacuum for Berber carpets would be to restore or rejuvenate existing Berber type carpets, because of how the stitching is on this type of carpet it can hold a lot of dirt in between the loops and thus, giving it a good wet wash and dry with some detergent, can really make a great difference visually.

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Let’s take a look at our best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet list

Number 1. – Numatic Henry Vacuum

First up, The one, the only, Numatic Henry Vacuum, the good old Henry hoover. First manufactured in 1969, it will sit nicely with the Berber carpet, Just kidding.

The Henry is a fantastic option for any floor type or surface and for this reason it is a must “option” to consider, with one of the best suctions and huge dust bin capacity, it makes a great all rounded choice, this vacuum comes with the microfresh filtration system and also the normally optional extra but included “AiroBrush” head which works fantastically well with carpet as the brush rotates, making for a better clean on looped carpets such as Berber.

The AiroBrush also does great against pet hair that has become in-bedded within the fibers of the carpet, because the brush is powered by the suction of the Henry hoover itself, it spins very fast and not only dust and suck up debris but it also brushes the carpet fibers which makes sure it is cleaned thoroughly.

This vacuum cleaner is simply the “Swiss army knife” of the vacuum world, It’s corded, Bagged and has a HEPA filter which is easily cleaned, it literally has everything you would need from a vacuum in terms of functionality and practicality.

A big thumbs up from us on this choice, You can’t go wrong.

Number 2. – George Wet & Dry Vacuum

Second, is a relative of Henry, you may have guessed it! It’s the Numatic George Wet & Dry, George is rated a 4.6 from over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and that’s a big deal, normally the more number of people that give reviews for a product, the overall rating drops significantly but this has maintained a huge 4.6 out of 5.

As we mentioned above in the intro, Berber carpets can be rejuvenated with a good wet/dry vacuum and as pointed out by the features for George, it accomplishes just that with carpets by “reviving and refreshing carpets”, maybe you have a pre-existing Berber carpet installed and considering ripping it up due to stains? Well don’t, get this vac and give it a try, you might just be surprised in how good any carpet can look after a good deep-clean.

To top it all off, we said the Henry was a “Swiss army knife” of vacuums, George can clean hard wood floors as well as carpets AND can be used to unblock sinks, showers and extract standing water, for example, from leaks and this particular model comes with the A26A kit included within the box which is a great deal and value for money.

This is probably our personal favourite and very good bang for buck!

Number 3. – Tineco Cordless Wet & Dry iFLOOR3

Third on the list is perhaps not a known branded vacuum but Tineco have definitely wedged themselves as one of Amazons top selling vacuums and judging by the ratings and features of this vacuum cleaner, it’s a no brainer!

Tineco have excelled in battery powered, handheld vacuums since their inception, they even manufacture parts for more “well known brands”, this is always good to know simply because if a known brand is purchasing their parts for their own vacuums from Tineco, the “moto” “if it’s good for them it’s good for me” springs to mind and at a more affordable price too.

The features you get with this vacuum cleaner for the price is unbelievable value, if, you’re even just looking for an upright, BATTERY powered (cordless) wet & dry vac then this would have to be your choice, there are no worthy comparisons when looking at the cordless wet & dry vacuum markets.

Some features of this vacuum include; Cordless, LED display, One touch clean and smart self cleaning system, 25 minutes runtime for each full charge.

When comparing the Tineco wet & dry to the George, it really depends on a couple of personal preferences, do you want a corded vacuum with a larger capacity bin? Or are you looking for a quick, easy, simple solution which is cordless and can wet/dry vac when you need it?

George would be more practical for bigger, larger Berber carpeted areas whereas this Tineco would be far better off for smaller properties and spot cleaning, the choice is yours ultimately!

Number 4. – Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner NZ801UKTSB

This Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner NZ801UKTSB is exclusively sold on Amazon, so you will not find this model or offer anywhere else unfortunately, with that being said, because it’s an Amazon only offer, it comes packed with extra goodies, such as a Pet brush and Car detailing kit for those Sunday car detailing warriors out there!

Back to business though, Berber carpets can be hard to clean and sometimes you don’t want to be pushing around or pulling a heavy vacuum around with you and this is where the Shark vacuum shines, the versatility of this vacuum is it’s selling point, it has the ability to become detached from its’ upright position so you can go handheld with a hose, Berber carpets tend to require some areas finely cleaned and with this, you can detach the hose from the upright brush and use any one of its plethora of attachments to spot clean.

I must admit, Personally I still think that the George is the best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet though but this vacuum cleaner does include the functionality of being able to get tough, stubborn dirt and dust out of Berber carpet fibers.

Number 5. – Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum

The Gtech AirRam is most likely known to many, because of their aggressive marketing strategy, appearing on TV commercials and with that said, has almost become a house-hold name just like a very well know vacuum brand, cough *Dyson* cough.

The Gtech AirRam is a very well built, bagless and easy to use handheld (upright) battery operated vacuum cleaner, it’s powerful and lasts 40 minutes for each full charge which should give you enough time to vacuum your home, the reason why this vacuum is our last recommended cleaner is because it suits the needs of Berber carpet when looking at how it vacuums dirt. The AirRam is quite bottom heavy, thus applies pressure on to the Berber carpet loops, combining this fact with its super suction, you can glide around Berber carpet cleaning large surface areas effortlessly without breaking a sweat.

It’s a very simple vacuum cleaner that does the job well and very low maintenance as it requires no bags either, we would recommend, if your budget allows, to go for this package as you will get both the AirRam and K9 handheld together with a massive saving.

To conclude

What is the best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet?

In our humble and honest opinion, it comes down to 2 main things and they are;

  1. Do you want a cordless vacuum?
  2. Do you require a wet and dry vacuum?

If you do not mind a cord and you want a wet & dry cleaner, then we recommend going for the George Wet & Dry, no questions asked, if this suits your needs, don’t even bother wasting your time or money on anything else.

If however, you are dead set on the cordless idea/route, our recommendation would have to be the Tineco Cordless Wet & Dry, even though it has a battery runtime of 25 minutes, it should provide enough time for vacuuming duties around the home.