Can Vacuum Cleaners Go In The Garbage

Generally speaking, You can throw out your old vacuum cleaners in the garbage however, depending on your local borough guidelines, you might not be able to use your normal garbage collection service for this, some boroughs allow for picking up of ‘bulky’ items such as a vacuum cleaner but some others, only offer this ‘bulky’ pick up service by paying a small fee. There are free ways of disposing of your old vacuum cleaners, such as, taking it to the local dump yard or even any recycling centers, some big electronic stores such as Best Buy or many others alike will also accept unwanted vacuum cleaners.

How Do You Safely Dispose Of A Vacuum Cleaner?


Vacuum cleaners are not generally dangerous as they are often in many homes across the planet so they need to be safe which makes it safer than other electronics, the main issues* of getting rid of one, is simply its size and weight. Office Cleaning in Calgary Tips explains the handling of vacuum cleaner in a simple and effective way.

To safely dispose of a vacuum cleaner, make sure to leave it unplugged from an electrical outlet for a period of time, this ensures any charged capacitors are drained from the internals and eliminate any possibilities of electric shocks if left outside.

Empty the vacuums dust bin or compartment into your garbage, you could even give the vacuum a good clean, this will entice a passerby into taking it with them, which makes disposing of your vacuum cleaner much easier, a few minutes of your time, emptying the dust container and using some wet-wipes or all purpose cleaner to clean the inside and outside can do wonders making it look brand new.

Once prepared by doing the above, you can either contact your local authorities/borough who are in charge of your normal local collections and ask them to arrange a bulk item collection for you, depending on your district, a small fee may apply, they will give you a day of the week when you are able to leave the vacuum cleaner outside your property and they will collect it and recycle it for you.

If, however, you are reluctant to spend money on an item you want to trash, you could clean the item up as mentioned above and leave it on the outskirts of your front yard or property (that is listed in site) with a note allowing someone to take it and within a few days hopefully someone will find it useful for themselves and help-themselves!


Can I Put A Vacuum Cleaner In The Garbage?


This is a grey area, many people often dispose of very large items in their garbage and get away with it, although this is never recommended by us, there is a unsaid rule, if it fits in the garbage and its bagged up, then yes you can put a vacuum cleaner in the garbage BUT, obviously, for a vacuum cleaner to fit inside of your garbage, you would need to dismantle or worse, completely destroy the vacuum by breaking it into pieces. This is not a recommended way because it will never be able to be recycled and would contribute to the global issues we see today.

Each to their own, we all have a part to play!


What Do You Do With Old Vacuum Cleaners?


Generally speaking, if you want to get rid  of your old vacuum cleaners, you should either pay your local authority to collect the item or, find your nearest recycling center and give them a call to see if they do collections or if you’re able to drop it to them, alternatively, you can drop vacuums and other bulky electronics to stores that recycle on your behalf such as Best Buy and many other companies but before you do, take a look at below.

Old vacuum cleaners have many uses, most of the time, if they are not broken, you can re-purpose your old vacuum with other jobs or duties around the home and garage, lets take a look at what they could do shall we?

Cleaning Your Car

Many homes nowadays have opted for more cordless stick vacuum cleaners type of models but they currently have a cylinder/canister type, if this is you, then I would definitely recommend keeping your old canister vacuum and use this as a dedicated car vacuum cleaner, these types of vacuum cleaners normally have a long flexible hose which is ideal with vacuuming your vehicle, So once you’ve purchased your replacement vacuum, give your old one a good clean and relocate it into your garage, it’s always good to have a vacuum cleaner that you can use for the “dirty jobs” around the home, you’ll thank us later!


Power Tool Extraction

If you own power tools, they can be very messy and cause an extreme amount of dust/saw dust, typically, these type of power tools come with an exhaust output where you can attach a vacuum nozzle which allows the vacuum to suck up all the dust and debris from your tools, re-purposing an old vacuum cleaner for this job is a god-send as you will not have to tidy up after use or clean the vacuum out regularly for home-use either.


Pet Grooming

Pets, pets, PETS! If you have one, you’ll know they require a lot of grooming, especially dogs… Cats although normally take care of themselves, they do still leave a heck of a lot of fur on carpets and cause a lot of dust build up around skirting boards.

If you have an older vacuum cleaner laying around, you can use this with certain attachments like these, If you use this regularly on your pets, you’ll notice that the excess fur all around your home will disappear! A neat little tip there and by using an old redundant vacuum cleaner, you’ll save having to vigorously clean your daily home vacuum.

Sell It!

Gumtree, Graiglists, Ebay and many other websites, allow you to turn your junk into another persons treasure, don’t be fooled by the fact you don’t want your vacuum cleaner anymore, I bet you there will be someone online wanting your specific models plastic housing or motor or even a clip from the thing which warrants them having to purchase the entire thing off you! You would be very surprised at just how many people are on the look out for spare parts as well as repairing old electronics, get it listed and get it sold!


Does Best Buy Take Old Vacuum Cleaners?


Best buy is a great place and like most great things, they offer free services, one being, electronic recycling! Yes, Best Buy recycles your old equipment including vacuum cleaners, if you’re unsure about your local Best Buy, you could give them a call but I’m 99.9% certain, they will take your old vacuum cleaner off your hands, if you have the means to transport it to them!


Can My Vacuum Cleaner Be Recycled?


All electronics can be recycled in one way or another, if it’s for spare parts, then practically the entire vacuum cleaner can be made use of if it is in working condition, When we talk about recycling, people often only think about melting it down and turning it into something else… although this is one part of recycling, recycling could also mean re-purposing, just because you have no use for an item anymore, it doesn’t mean someone will not need or have use for that same item, if you repurpose the item by selling it on to somebody else, you have in fact, recycled.

Most parts of a vacuum cleaner can be recycled, although it can be tricky as you or the person recycling the item will need to separate the vacuum cleaners plastic parts from metal which requires carefully dismantling, this is why we recommend that repurposing a vacuum cleaner by donation or selling it on to someone who needs it would be a much better option.




Can vacuum cleaners go in the garbage? Yes, they can but should they is the real question! There are many things we’ve listed above in this article that you can do instead of throwing away your old vacuum cleaner in the trash that would be far beneficial to others, as well as you.

If you’re able to earn a little money from the item you’re trying to put in the garbage, then why not? It’s a no brainer!