best stick cordless vacuum under 150

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Under £150 and £200!

What are the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner under £150 you can buy which are under 200 or even 150 pounds/dollars and should you even consider spending a little more to buy a better model? For this price range, we can safely narrow down the choice to 3 or 4 manufactures that produce the best well built cordless value for money stick vacuum cleaners and they are, Vax, Hosome, Dibea and Hoover. If you’re wanting to only spend £150/$150 or £200/$200 on a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, you’ll definitely want to buy the best machine that is available currently and let me tell you, don’t just go for the the most well known brands, a brand like Dyson for example, are well established, they do produce good vacuum cleaners but for the price of one of them, you’ll need to take out a loan, there are just as good vacuums out there that actually beat the likes of Dyson for suction and use-case and yet you don’t need to spend a boatload on it.

Should you spend more than 150 or 200 on a cordless stick vacuum?

The simple answer is… if you can afford to spend a little more, then yes, why not? A vacuum is pretty much the same as any other machine or gadget you may want to buy, you get what you pay for, do you want it to last? do you want the extra capabilities and features that a more expensive vacuum comes with? not to mention the robust guarantees that you will get with a more expensive vacuum but with this being said, you can still get yourself a real bargain that comes with all these extras, we shall go through a few cordless stick vacuums under 150/200 below, which are actually fantastic deals.

First up for the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner under £150/£200 on our list would be….

The Vax OnePWR Blade 3 cordless vacuum cleaner is a prime example of price to value when you’re under a strict budget. This vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for under £200 and comes with a lot of features, many that would be considered coming from a top tier vacuum, it’s lightweight at only 3.1kg, it can clean for 40 minutes on a full charge and it’s made by the UK’s best-selling corded upright manufacturer ‘Vax’, there really isn’t a better cordless vacuum cleaner for under £200 on the market currently.

cordless vacuum cleaneeer under 200The battery is detachable so you could buy two or three additional batteries and have them charged for hours of potential vacuuming just by switching them out simultaneously which is a fantastic ability to have as most cordless battery powered vacuum cleaners in this range don’t have this feature and come with a non-detachable battery which can be a pain if you have a bigger home to vacuum.

This model does have a boost mode for increasing suction when you need it, with this button, it gives you 3x the suction but may reduce operating time from the mentioned 40 minutes but this “boost mode” would really only be used on long pile carpet for a deep clean or you could keep this activated for a deep clean everywhere you go but it will most likely reduce vacuuming usage to around 30 minutes with a full charge, which isn’t actually that bad.

The OnePWR blade 3 also boasts a LED “headlight” making it easier for you to see exactly where those dust particles are as you’re vacuuming, this is most useful if you are cleaning hardwood flooring or even carpet, especially when going underneath sofas where light is pretty dim, very useful feature to have. It also has an improved filtration system which has 3 layers of filters to make sure even the most small dust particles are trapped and can’t escape into your home which could be worrying if you have people you live with who are sensitive to dust and/or allergies.

With an easy removable non-bagged bin and one click empty feature, this makes it very easy to clean up after you’ve cleaned up! A full charge will take around 2.5 hours and this will give you the 40 minutes run time, but we’ve noticed that you most likely will never empty a full charge once you get this vacuum, therefore it will not take 2 hours to recharge at any given point, you’ll always most likely have enough juice to get the job done.

To conclude, this vacuum does have 3 additional models in this range, the Blade 3 Pet, Blade 3 Pet Dual Battery and Blade 4 models, the difference between the Vax Blade 3 and Blade 3 Pet is that the Pet version comes with 2 specific pet hair attachments and the Vax Blade 4 range is the same as the Blade 3 with additional runtime which is because it has a slightly bigger battery. This vacuum cleaner would be our go-to if you’re under a budget for sure.

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Number 2, Best vacuum cleaner for under 150…. definitely worth a look.

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner might not be as known as the other big manufactures but shouldn’t be discounted for that reason, The Dibea stick cordless 4 in 1 is a fantastic little vacuum for the price-tag none the less and looks the part too, it looks very much the same as the bigger branded models but at a fraction of the cost, well actually 5x less the cost of a Dyson V11!

cordless vacuum cleaneeer under 150This vacuum cleaner is primarily targeted to people who use their vacuums for spot cleaning, not entire home cleaning, it would be ideal for an elderly person as it is very lightweight and has an ergonomic handle with a trigger button for easy on/off action, the bin capacity isn’t very large at just over half a litre, and a 20 minute battery run time, you can now see the main differences when going lower in budget in terms of features, the battery life is less and the bin capacity is smaller, but as we said, for the price of this vacuum cleaner, it is still a bargain but only go for this one if you don’t have a lot of cleaning to do, use this as a spot cleaner rather than a all rounded household vacuum cleaner, it’s more like like an electric duster.

As mentioned, think of this as a robust battery power duster that can vacuum the floor as a ‘bonus’ too! It comes with a top notch filter, a 4 layer filter to be precise, also comes with the same LED “Headlight” feature as the previously mentioned vacuum, the battery run-time as stated, is capable of 20 minutes when used on its full power setting but it can theoretically achieve up to 45 minutes when used for light dusting which we have tried and can confirm to be reasonably correct, well we would say more along the lines of 35 minutes on average. This cordless vacuum cleaner is considerably lower than £150 remember and it does give you some of the bells and whistles and perhaps it’ll cater for all your needs if you’re not expecting a powerhouse in terms of suction but a very good lightweight, dusting / vacuuming tool, this will do you just fine!

This vacuum cleaner is just above £150 and rightly so!

We’re going to show yet another not so well known manufacturer here, the “Hosome” cordless vacuum cleaner. The Hosome cordless vacuum cleaner is quite more powerful than the Dibea and also comes equipped with more attachments and a much larger bin capacity, already, it would be a better choice for around an extra £50, but this would be your decision to make depending on use-case. This vacuum boasts a low noise at around 75 dBa, it is just a well all rounded cordless stick vacuum which competes with the more expensive brands out there with included features that some of these expensive brands don’t have (cough Dyson), I mean, for this price, the attachments, LED light, extra brushes and power, would you rather have £350 leftover in your pocket? When it comes to this vacuum, we would definitely recommend buying this instead of a £500+ equivalent from other branded vacuums that’s for sure.

It uses a 220W brushless motor, runtime of 40 minutes and powerful suction of 23,000 Kpa which is powerful indeed, it’s extremely light weight at around 1.4kg, We’ve seen bags of sugar heavier than this thing! Three power settings has two brushes, one for hard-flooring and another for carpet. There’s nothing else to say about this vacuum, this is a great deal and if within your budget, definitely go and get it.


Last on our list which is a well know branded cordless vacuum cleaner and it’s under £200

Our last pick is the Hoover H-FREE 500 Pet 3 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner, this hoover is exceptional and you don’t need to break the bank to buy it. At around £160 it’s well under the £200 price bracket and you can rest easy knowing this vacuum comes from a pedigree manufacturer “Hoover”. The one main gripe about this vacuum is that it only has a runtime of 25 minutes when used in the medium power setting, this goes down to 8 minutes on the high power setting however, you can and are recommended to leave the “Auto” power setting enabled which increases the usage time to 40 minutes, easy to do and we would recommend just using the high power setting as and when you need it on the fly.

The main attachments it comes with are a crevice tool and a 2 in 1 dusting/upholstery nozzle which conveniently store on the vacuum itself which is very handy as vacuum attachments tend to go missing in our household after some time but if they are attached to the hoover itself, there’s no losing them! This vacuum has a weight of 2.2kg with the main stick brush attached to it and around 1.7kg in its handheld format.

cordless vacuum cleaneeer under 150The storage capability of this vacuum is unbelievable, it can be made to be just 69cms, the nozzle retracts inside itself and it can be tucked away in any cupboard which is ideal if you live in an apartment/smaller flat and don’t have a storage cupboard so you’re able to save space, the battery also detaches so you can pack away the vacuum and charge the battery separately from it, there’s no need for the vacuum itself to be near a plug socket. You can also purchase additional batteries for this model which is always an added benefit as they are easily inter-changeable and will give you more runtime.

The bin capacity is  0.45L which isn’t the end of the world, you would need to be the conservative type of person if you were going to buy this vacuum, you could think of it as an “expensive” version of the Dibea model we went through above, although this one has much more suction but this shows with the 8 minute run time if kept on the higher “turbo” setting… but the option is always there if you need it, to conclude this vacuum as a choice, it really depends on how large your home is, it has the power and attachments to tackle pretty much anything you throw at it but it depends if it has enough battery life left, this is one of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner under £150.



There are quite a few cordless stick vacuums on the market that don’t have to break the bank, the four we have reviewed should cover most use-case situations, to make life easier, go for the the one that suits your needs the most, don’t forget, if its’ not what you were looking for, you can indeed make use of the returns policy and send it back for a full refund.