hair vacuum for barbershop

Hair Vacuum for Barber Shop

Are you in a Hurry? Find out the best hair vacuum for barber shop cleaning…

  1. Best for Home use: EyeVac Stationary Vacuum
  2. Best Value: EyeVac Stationary Vacuum
  3. Best Hair Vacuum for Barber Shop: EyeVac Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Let’s get stuck in, shall we!

If you own a barber shop or even a hair salon, you will know that sweeping or vacuuming the floors is never-ending, or feels that way at least… After each client you’re cleaning your section, blow-drying or brushing the left over strands of hair onto the floor, then most likely using a broom to sweep the bulk of the hair into your pan to throw into the trash, let’s face it, we’ve all taken the shortcut and went head first by using a vacuum to sweep and collect all the hair up from the floor but this will eventually block and clog your vacuum cleaner, I say “eventually” very lightly but it will, lets not kid ourselves, hair + vacuum cleaner equals clog and a broken machine.

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Should You use a Traditional or Barber Shop Vacuum for Hair?

You will only really know about barber shop hair vacuums if you work in the hair industry or have to deal with pet hair on a regular basis, Most people who work with animals will also understand that when we work with hair and a lot of it, we eventually want to touch less and less of it, especially when it comes to cleaning/vacuuming, therefore we would have already researched about hair vacuum for barber shop ideas to lessen the load of having to clean up after!

Traditional Vacuum Cleaners for Barber Shops

Traditional vacuum cleaners are very good for general purposes, they are built nowadays for their convenience and ease of use, they tend to be light-weight and bagless, the waste capacity is usually very small because of this, but the main issue with these “conveniences” is that they will get clogged up faster if you’re vacuuming primarily hair. Having a general purpose Dyson V10 for example, with its sleek design and small tubular stick and tiny waste canister simply will not suffice, it will become blocked within a week of use and you will be forever emptying the waste bin!

Purpose Built Hair Vacuum for Barber Shop

Purpose built vacuum cleaners for specifically hair cleaning in a barber shop do a much better job. These vacuum cleaners will not get clogged, they are designed to prevent blockages, purposely built to suck up hair and have large waste bin capacity so you don’t have to empty the container every single day. Brands such as EyeVac or Sibel Hair Buster, build very well known Hair Busters and they do a fantastic job of taking away the hard work of vacuuming.

You may be thinking that these type of vacuum cleaners are much more expensive than your everyday general vacuum cleaner but I can assure you they are not, they range from $100 to $200 in price and are worth every single cent if you’re going to be using them in your hair or barber shop, buy one and you’ll see.

Why are these Vacuums different?

The main difference between a traditional vacuum and a hair salon or barber shop hair buster is that the barber shop vac is stationary it does not move, you simply plug it into an outlet and it sits by your wall, there is no (going to get your traditional vacuum and pushing it around the entire shop), you simply have a broom to hand near your section and sweep the hair towards the Hair Buster and it will casually suck up all the dirt, hair and dust debris you feed it. How easy does that sound? That’s because it is… that easy.

Owning a purpose built hair vacuum for your salon or barber shop in my eyes is a MUST and will allow you to effortlessly clean your tile floors within minutes without breaking your back.

We have selected our top 3 Best Barber Shop Hair Vacuums


  1. EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum Cleaner


The EyeVac Home touchless is a very well recommended hair busting vacuum cleaner, There are over 4,000 verified purchased reviews on Amazon and many people seem to use this model for their home cleaning, but they can also definitely be used for in salon/barber shops too. It has a lovely sleek design and is quite compact compared to our other two vacs, if you have a small barber shop, this will be a fine choice to go for.


  • Fast and Powerful : 1000 Watts
  • Removes 100% dirt, dust and debris instantly
  • Pet owner friendly
  • Two Filter filtration system
  • Hands free (touchless) operation
EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum
EyeVac Home Touchless

The EyeVac Home has a very nice sleek design that will be the center of attention for most conversations, clients will look at it puzzled as to what it does, it does look the part and will fit nicely at home or in a barber shop environment, there’s no doubt about that.

1000 watts of power means it has enough suction to deal with most situations that you throw at it, with the addition of a 2 filter, filtration system, it not only filters the air it sucks into the machine, oh no! It actually filters the air it sucks and returns clean air to your environment which allows you to breath easier.

This Vacuum does very well and is recommended on all hard floor types such as,

  • Wood
  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Concrete

It comes equipped with a 1 gallon (3.8 liters) bag-less waste bin container which is huge when comparing to a traditional hoover which makes emptying the container multiple times a day a thing of the past!

The Hands-free feature is what sets this vacuum cleaner apart from the crowd, There is an “Eye” type sensor located in front of the vacuum cleaner so when you are sweeping hair, dust, dirt or debris towards the vac, it will notice the motion which is detected by the EyeVac and it will spring to life and activate the suction, this makes it so easy when sweeping an area, just sweep towards the machine and it will suck it all up on its own.

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2. EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum

The EyeVac Pro Touchless stationary vacuum cleaner is more powerful version of the EyeVac home and much more suited for commercial and professional use as it has a larger 1.3 gallon (4.8 liter) waste canister which is ideal so you don’t need to be emptying that often, which is one less thing to have to think about.

This touchless vacuum has over 3,500 verified purchased reviews on Amazon, making the EyeVac Pro a favorite among the hair salon, barbering community as mentioned.


  • 1400 Watts of power
  • Convenient
  • Perfect for professional use
  • Touchless activation
  • Recommended for Hair Salons and Barber shops
EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum
EyeVac PRO Touchless

If you decide to choose this vacuum over the EyeVac Home, you will not be disappointed and you will definitely see the reason why this vacuum is recommended for professional use, it has 400 more watts of power which you will notice in terms of suction.

The EyeVac Pro comes in 3 colors, Black, Silver and White so this is plenty of choice and is worth selecting the color that best suites your barber shop or salon, it will be a nice addition to the furniture as well as functioning for every day purposes, this little vacuum buddy will be on hand to suck up everything you sweep into its’ scope.

The EyeVac Pro is also very well recommended to be used with all types of hard floors with the same “Clear Air” feature as the previously reviewed model, One of the best reasons for picking up one of these vacuums is that it eliminates you having to pick up a dustpan and brush or bending down to sweep up hair, this is a must have addition to any barber shop, your back will definitely appreciate.

Just plug it in and it is ready to start accepting your hair and dirt.

You can tell that the EyeVac Pro has been built for professional use as it’s straight forward and simple to use as well as emptying, pair this up with the additional 400 watts for power and you are on to a winner! This is our personal favorite and recommendation.

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Last up on our list…

3. EyeVac Pet Touchless Vacuum Cleaner

Again, just like the EyeVac Pro, the Pet version has 1400 watts of power and the same waste capacity of 1.3 gallons. This model is pretty much identical to the Pro version.

Sibel Automatic EyeVac Vacuum
EyeVac Pet Stationary Vacuum

The 1400 watts of power is incredible, it blows most traditional vacuums out of the water, these vacuum cleaners are not just for commercial use in barber shops and hair salons but also for in the home, like this model name suggests, it can cater for people with pets in their homes… we must clarify, these stationary hair busting vacuum cleaners are only designed to work on hard floor types simply because you can’t use a broom to sweep carpet effectively, bare this in mind when you’re thinking of purchasing.



  • 1400 watt
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Bag-less canister
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Clean floor and clean air with its dual filtration system

To summarize, These EyeVac stationary vacuum cleaners have much more powerful motors compared to traditional vacuums, ranging from 1000 watts to 1400 watts which is a huge amount and you will instantly notice the difference when you get yours home and plug it in, the power alone is enough to persuade you to purchase one.

Perhaps have hard floors downstairs, perhaps in the living room and kitchen, then this vacuum would be ideal to have in the kitchen for easy, quick sweep and vac.

If you own a barber shop or hair salon, this vacuum cleaner (hair buster!) will pay dividends as soon as you incorporate it within your cleaning routines, it’s always on and only activates when you sweep dirt, hair, dust and debris into its path, they are bag-less and have a huge waste capacity, so not only will you save time by not having to empty the canister so often but you also save money on not needing to purchase bags, just sweep and go… We would recommend going with
This model simply because you can choose which color you would like in your barber shop or salon.