Robot Hoover Amazon

Robot Hoover Amazon

What is a Robot Hoover Amazon?

A robotic vacuum cleaner is most peoples dream, imagine never having to hoover your home ever again, apart from clicking a button and charging. A complete solution to keeping your floors dust free on autopilot, This article will be a robot hoover amazon buyers helpguide.

Where do I get a Robot Hoover from?

Well, Robot hoovers are readily available in most shops as well as online retailers like Amazon, Amazon is a well-established online retailer which stock almost everything you would need including robotic hoovers.

Let’s dig into this further…

Which robotic vacuum cleaner is the best to buy?

There are quite a few manufactures that specialise in robot vacuum cleaners and they can all be purchased from the Amazon retailer, the most popular, well known brands to look for are Neato, Ecovacs, Coredy and Roborock and Miele, these automatic vacuum cleaners aren’t cheap, they range from £200 to £500 (GBP pounds) but which robotic vacuum is the best? We’ll shall show you in this article.

The Pifco Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, is this the best?

The Pifco robotic vacuum cleaner would be considered the entry level for a robot hoover and you’ll find the best prices on Amazon as its stocked with many colour variants and ready to purchase when you are ready to buy.

Pifco Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Robot Hoover AmazonThe Pifco robot vacuums boast an incredible run time of a little over an hour of continuous unattended hoovering, which is pretty impressive for sure but unfortunately, that would be one of its only positive attributes, it is lacking in it’s actual hoovering ability, the price for these robotic hoovers proves a point, you get what you pay for, it is recommended for hard-flooring and short pile carpet so if you have long pile carpets or uneven concrete/tile flooring, this wouldn’t be an ideal purchase but don’t let this dishearten you or put you off the idea of bliss, there are alternative robot hoover Amazon that we would definitely recommend buying…

Walk this way…

Vileda robotic vacuum cleaner - Robot Hoover AmazonThe Vileda robotic vacuum cleaner, is a little more expensive than the Pifco robot vacuum BUT, it’s money well spent as it has much more automated features and does a far better job at vacuuming and lets face it… yes, robotic vacuum cleaners are cool and trendy but you want it to be good at cleaning, nonetheless, The Vileda robotic vacuum cleaner would be the best robot vacuum to look at if you’re on a tight budget and is also available to buy from Amazon.

There’s more…

Miele Scout rx1 Robotic vacuum cleanerThe next up from the Vileda robotic vacuum cleaner would be the Miele Scout rx1 Robotic vacuum cleaner, this robot vacuum is probably one of the best around, it has 2 high definition cameras on the front for not only blind hoovering but it can actually see any dirt or dust that it has missed, which is quite intelligent to say the least, it has two rotary brushes to get into hard to hoover areas such as hard to reach corners or skirting boards and is very well recommended by buyers, you can find the best prices for this robot hoover here.

Amazon stock a few other great brands of robot hoovers, We’ll run you through a few more best picks that make our recommendations, they might just tickle your fancy!


The best robot vacuum for carpet? Look no further…

Ecovacs Robot Vacuum OZMO920The Ecovacs Robot Vacuum OZMO920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, this is one of the best robotic vacuums available on Amazon, it has a fully functioning mobile app which connects to the vacuum, it has the ability to map out each room in your house using laser technology so it guarantees every part of your floor has been cleaned thoroughly, pretty impressive right? Furthermore… It has an inbuilt 240ml water tank which mops your hard flooring, YES, MOPS too, an automatic vacuum which MOPS your floor whilst sucking up the excess water leaving you dry surfaces, The EcoVacs OZMO920 automatically detects the type of flooring you have so it will not try to mop your carpets, it will go from carpet hoovering, to hard floor vacuuming to mopping your hard floor without any user interaction, If you have the budget, you need this robotic vacuum in your life, no questions asked. This robot vacuum self-charges by returning to its base and runs up to 110 minutes (1 hour 50 minutes) each charging cycle which makes it hands down the swiss army knife of the robotic vacuum world, care and attention has been taken when they designed and built this hoover.

There’s also another more affordable robot vacuum from Amazon that may interest you…

Neato Robotics D450 - Robot Hoover AmazonPriced slightly less than the Ecovacs robot vacuum OZMO 920, lets look at the Neato Robotics D450, this is our med-range recommendation to consider, it has most of the functionality as the Ecovac, with the laser room/floor mapping and the mobile application, self-charging but the main benefit of this model is it comes with additional pet hair attachments, The Neato Robotics D450 is sold primarily geared towards people who have pets, Neato also do two more models within the D*** range, these cost a little extra but do come with upgrades, take a look at the D650 and D750 when considering this brand, you might need or want some of the additional features they offer the main differences from the Neato D450 vs the D650 & D750 is the multi-room laser mapping features and battery life, the D450 has a runtime of 75 minutes whereas the D650 and D750 have runtimes of 120 minutes (2 hours) per charge. You can ofcourse buy this robot hoover from amazon.

The Neato Robotic vacuum range is highly recommended with great reviews from buyers on Amazon, comes with a plethora of additional attachments and spare brushes, the price range is smack in the middle of the Ecovac and the Vileda but if you’re pondering on the idea of getting an auto-robotic mopper too, then you’ll need to invest in the Ecovac OZMO 920, you should buy wisely, get what you want first time round, it will save you time & money in the long term, so there you have it, We hope we’ve made it easier for you to buy a robot hoover amazon.