the best vacuum money can buy

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Money can Buy!

The best vacuum cleaner available today can be split into which brands you decide to look for, various vacuum brands often stamp their authority on the market depending on the reasons for needing them, for example, if you’re wanting a lightweight, cordless stick vacuum then you can’t go wrong with a Dyson V10/V11 model, with its’ long lasting battery life and superior cordless suction, it is hands down the best for this scenario. If however you’re looking for a more robust traditional bagged upright vacuum then MieleHoover and Sebo come to mind, with Sebo leading the industry in commercial cleaning due to its powerful pedigree history, being the most prestigious vacuum cleaner in luxury hotels this would be our best choice. Or would you prefer to own a more flexible range of vacuum, like a bagless or bagged cylinder variant, this is “sort of” the best of both worlds, they generally have a flexible long hose that connects to an “upright” style of brush and has the power to tackle any job around the house as well as an assortment of attachments for use on stairs, vehicles and carpet/hardwood floors, this range would be the swiss-army knife of vacuums! The best vacuum brands for this type would be again, Sebo, Vax and the good old Henry!

What our top 5 best vacuum cleaners money can buy;


The SEBO BS360 Upright Commercial Vacuum CleanerThe Sebo BS46 Twin motor vacuum is quite expensive, but the punch it packs is extremely worth the price tag it holds, all Sebo models come with a 2 year parts & labor guarantee if anything decides to go wrong with it and if they can not fix the issue they will supply you with a replacement like for like or better depending on stock and/or discontinued models. When you spend a lot of anything, you do expect it to come with a robust warranty and this doesn’t disappoint. This vacuum has a large 46cms cleaning path, that is quite large when comparing this to other brands which are commonly around 30-35cms, the cleaning path is the width of the brush/roller that sweeps and collects dirt, so bigger the size, the less you need to be pushing and pulling and the more surface area you will be cleaning during one motion. The Sebo bs46 vacuum cleaners are simply put, one of the best vacuum cleaners money can buy.


Brand NameRawlins
Model NumberSEBO-BS46
Number of Items1
Part NumberSEBO-BS46
Special Featurescommercial
Voltage240 volts

Dyson Cyclone V10 AbsoluteDyson, is for many a house-hold name, the brand itself was founded by James Dyson, that’s where the name comes from if you didn’t know that already, the company 0pened its doors on the 8th of July 1991 so it’s been around for 30 years and with that knowledge, it should make you feel more at ease spending the amount of money for one of these sleek, lightweight gorgeous vacuum cleaners price up at. Dyson used to provide 3 variants, 1. the upright model, 2. the cylinder type and lastly a more compact cordless stick version however, in the last few years, they have decided to discontinue their cylinder and upright models and move full steam ahead solely producing their battery powered cordless stick vacuums which we have today and why not… The Dyson V10 and newer V11 which has a LED screen are nicely manufactured, robust, sleek looking and most importantly, lightweight, rather flexible and can last up to 40 minutes on a single charge. The Dyson V10 has a slightly larger bin capacity with 0.76 liters where as the newer V11 has 0.75 liters, if your that fussed, but for the saving of around £100 by going for the V10, that’s a bargain right there, besides that it’s bagless and has no cord to tie you down.


Henry Vacuum CleanerHere it is, the staple of all vacuum cleaner brands, its the cherry on the cake, the cream of the crop, ok that’s enough synonyms for now but you get my point here. The Henry hoover needs to be in any best vacuum cleaner top 5 simply because if this was an outdoor garden shed or fence paint, it would be the Ronseal of vacuums, “it does exactly what it says’ on the tin”. The Henry hoover, manufactured by Numatic have an entire range of models from the Harry to the Hetty, essentially they have all the same internals and power/suction, in our minds it really doesn’t matter which one of the Numatic vacuum range you go and buy, its down to which cute face you want to see behind you when you turn around. The best thing about this vacuum cleaner is the massive 15 liter bin capacity, although, it does require bags, but because it holds 15 liters worth of dirt, you’ll only need to change the bags once a month if that most times two months, depending how many times you vacuum per week, the price is cute too, very cute!


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Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner Powered Lift-Away with Anti Hair Wrap TechnologyShark upright vacuum cleaners are very well known within the market and so they should be, this model is most likely the best shark vacuum they produce. Most Shark vacuums come with their well known LED light feature that provides clearly visibility of your floor while your cleaning. They provide a lengthy 5 year guarantee for their vacuum cleaners when you register your appliance with them which is very simple to do. This particular model has more flexibility compared to most upright vacuum cleaners as you can detach the head which enables it to become a lightweight version of itself to clean stairs or smaller corners/crevices, it transcends into a portable vacuum while retaining the suction of a robust power train upright. With an eight meter cord length and a 0.83 liter bin capacity, which is bagless, there isn’t much that could go wrong with this vacuum nor any additional expenses such as bags.



Vax OnePower Balde 3 PetThe VAX ONEPWR (ONE POWER) Blade 3 Pet vacuum cleaner is one of VAX’s newest models, the main features that make this vacuum “better” than other cordless stick vacuums is that it has 2 batteries, that’s two 40 minute fully charged batteries that you can charge simultaneously, the suction on this vacuum is very impressive and the way it is engineered is second to none in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. The bin capacity is around 0.6 liters which is pretty standard for a vacuum model like this and also has the same type of LED light feature at the brush head so you can see the floor your vacuuming. This model sucks up pet hair like no other, it comes with a handy “Pet hair” attachment that agitates and lifts pet hair off of carpets, the attachment is quite unique as it rotates and brushes the fibers of your carpet instead of flattening them so it can brush and suck with one motion.




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