cubevac possibly the best cordless car vacuum cleaner

Best Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner – Is There Such A Thing?

Every car cleaning enthusiast or hobbyist will know that finding a small, yet powerful and compact, cordless car vacuum cleaner is a very hard thing to do, there are absolutely hundreds of these car vacuum cleaners and they all claim they are the best but are they really? Most lack power, the majority don’t even last 15 minutes on a full charge and some if you’re lucky, may come with the odd useful attachment, if you’re lucky. A good cordless car vacuum cleaner should have enough suction for picking up any type of dirt on your car floor mats within your car as well as enough battery life to be able to clean the entire car in one session otherwise in my opinion, it wouldn’t be suited for the job.

However, this is the main concern, most handheld cordless car vacuum cleaners aren’t precisely made for vacuuming your car, they are traditionally used for “spot” cleaning around your home, you would normally grab and vacuum for a couple of minutes and then put it back on its charging station, so it’s very important you continue reading to make sure you find the best cordless vacuum cleaner for your car which ticks all the boxes.

Short for time? The Best cordless car vacuum cleaners our choice:

Best All rounder cordless car vacuum cleaner – Worx CubeVac this vacuum has the power and the battery life to get any job completed.

So, we’ve done the hard part and found you, our top 5 best cordless car vacuum cleaners


Black and Decker DVJ325BF-GB 27Wh Dustbuster Hand Vacuum with Smart Tech sensors

The Dustbuster

This cordless handheld vacuum could be one of the best around, it’s light weight ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold for long periods of time, it’s primary use is not actually for cars, its built to spot clean around the home and boasts it can vacuum all different types of surfaces, one of the main down-sides to this vacuum as mentioned above, is that it lasts around 15-18 minutes per charge and the battery itself takes a whopping 6 hours to fully charge. Lets face it, this cordless vacuum isn’t the best but for the hobbyist car cleaner, this vacuum will do an amazing job at quickly cleaning your cars floor mats.

What’s in the Black & Decker DVJ325BF-GB Dustbuser’s box?

When you do buy this vacuum, the contents of the box is quite minimal, inside the box you’ll see;

  • The Black and Decker DustBuster
  • Onboard crevice tool
  • Flip out brush
  • Charging base

with a vacuum like this, you don’t really need many attachments for home use, this is why it doesn’t provide you with the “best” attachments for your car unfortunately, but it does a good enough job if you’re on the go, it is a very well built machine and will last you a very long time without failing, it is bag-less and has 27w of power which is outstanding in terms of how small this vacuum cleaner is, so if you’re wanting a small efficient cordless car vacuum cleaner then we would say these are one of the best to go for.

Next up…

WORX WX030 18V CUBEVAC Cordless Compact Vacuum Cleaner


This cordless vacuum cleaner in my opinion is the best from our list, I will say it outright, even before we move on, this is my personal choice and recommendation, just look at it, it’s beautiful and it is like a miniature traditional hose-vacuum, it has a retractable hose with attachments that are somewhat much like the Henry vacuum but with the benefit of being light weight and CORDLESS! Lets go over what you get in the box if you buy this vacuum first, then we’ll move into the features.

What’s in the WORX WX030 CUBEVAC box?

Lets take a look;

  • The WORX Cubevac itself
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 2.0Ah Battery
  • 1 Brush attachment
  • 1 Flexible crevice nozzle
cubevac possibly the best cordless car vacuum cleaner
Best Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner in the UK

There are a couple of differences when you’re buying this vacuum cleaner and that is, it is sold as a stand alone unit and a complete set or the complete set with 2 batteries which I would recommend. The standalone unit is the vacuum itself without the battery, then there’s two variants for the included battery, you can purchase it with either 1x battery or 2x batteries, If you want the versatility of being able to vacuum for 50 minutes then buying this vacuum with 2x batteries would benefit you, on the other hand, if 25 minutes of vacuuming is all you would need, then the normal complete set which includes 1 battery should be fine. As mentioned, the runtime for this vacuum cleaner is 25 minutes, which is fantastic when comparing it to other cordless car vacuum cleaners, this would be considered a proper car vacuum cleaner.

The battery is a 2.0Ah 20V and packs a punch, it has the ability of 2 different power modes which can easily be switched with a press of a button on the fly, switch between normal power and boost suction modes.

One of the main reasons I love this little vacuum so much is because it has a hose and a nozzle, rather than other handheld cordless vacuums, where they have no nozzle, having a nozzle and a hose makes it far easier to get right into the seams of you car seats and those hard to reach areas such as cup holders or door inserts making vacuuming your car a complete breeze, lets be honest, one of the reasons we put off vacuuming our interior is because of the big bulkiness, wired vacuums we have or because we have a cordless stick vacuum cleaner for our homes that don’t actually do the job in our cars so we put it off. Buy the WORX WX030 CUBEVAC and it’ll make you want to vacuum your car every weekend.

I’ve personally got 3 of them.

Number 3 on the list for the very best cordless vacuum cleaners is…

The Bosch Home and Garden Universal Vac 18 (06033B9100)


Bosch 2.0Ah Power For ALL Battery
Bosch 2.0Ah Power For ALL Battery

Here’s a brand we know for it’s power tools and pretty much any other home appliances, It’s the Bosch UniversalVac 18, This is just the bare bone tool meaning it doesn’t come with a battery and you would need to purchase a battery for this separately unfortunately,  which could make it a little more tedious and expensive for some, the reason Bosch have done this, is because they are building a “one4all” range which is dubbed as the “Power for ALL”  where the batteries can be interchangeable between its’ tool range, it’s efficient in the long run but damn right annoying when you’re starting to build your toolbox as the initial cost of having to buy the batteries separate to the tool can be more expensive as mentioned or on the flip side, if you already own a Bosch power tool you might be in luck, if its a 18v “power for all” battery, it can slot directly into this vacuum cleaner and away you go.

Bosch Home and Garden 06033B9100
Bosch Home and Garden Vac

This vacuum is advertised as the “Swiss army knife” of vacuums, with long nozzle attachments and a normal brush type traditional attachment, you can use this as a cheap cordless stick vacuum cleaner for around your home as well.

It also comes with a HEPA graded filter which can either be washed when dirty or you can purchase a replacement if required but this isn’t necessary as we’ve found out, a simple rinse under cold water, left to dry, will get it clean. As far as the attachments go, they get the job done but I don’t expect them to last a long time as they are made out of the very brittle type of plastic that doesn’t age well.

What’s in the Bosch Home and Garden Vac Box?
  • The vacuum itself
  • Hard-hose attachment
  • Hepa style filter
  • 1 crevice tool
  • 1 brush tool

Our 4th top pick car vacuum cleaner…

Numatic HVB160 Cordless Henry Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with 2 x 36 V Batteries

This is a fantastic find, The Henry hoover vacuum cleaner we know and love, well this version is completely cordless and comes with 2 batteries which equals to 1 entire hour of run time! (30 minutes each battery).

If you purchase this vacuum cleaner for car valeting, you will not be disappointed, how could you be disappointed? It has every single feature the normal Henry vacuum cleaner has plus

Henry vacuum cleaner but cordless!
Henry vacuum cleaner but cordless!

the ability to be cordless, having that trusty 9 litre bin capacity and the suction that we know comes with a Henry, There’s really no downside to this true car vacuum cleaner, perhaps one downside, it is the same size as a normal Henry and is also on castor wheels, so if you were looking for a small, compact vacuum cleaner, then perhaps you would be more best suited to the WORX CUBEVAC instead and this is me being honest.

With the easy 1 click battery swap and the 2 batteries that come with this model, you will have minimal downtime. Let us not forget that the bin capacity is a huge 10x bigger than most vacuum cleaners on the market right now.

The cordless car vacuum cleaner Henry (HVB160) comes with a 2.2m flexible hose with a base nozzle that you can slide attachments on, or you can use the nozzle itself for car carpet cleaning which sometimes can be better, the Numatic “versatile tool set” comes already included which should cover the basics for you so you will not need to buy any additional crevice tools or hoses that’s for sure, this hoover uses Henry HepaFlo bags which are very large, so you won’t need to change them regularly and you don’t even need to worry about it being to full as the HepaFlo bags keep all the dust inside of the bag using a self-seal tab which closes itself when you take the bag out of the vacuum cleaner, which makes it effortless and tidy when disposing of.

As I mentioned above, this vacuum cleaner is one of the best around, superb value for money and will last a very long time, the question is, if you’re looking for a small compact vacuum? or if you do not mind about the size, then the Henry vacuum cleaner (HVB160) is the way to go, especially if you want a replacement vacuum for your home too, this can definitely accommodate home cleaning as well as car vacuuming, garden vacuuming, shed vacuuming… the list is endless!

What’s in the Henry Vacuum Cleaner (HVB160) Box?
  • The Henry Hoover
  • 1 versatile tool kit with various attachments
  • 2x 36v rechargeable batteries
  • 1 charging station

Last up, in our Top 5 best cordless car vacuum cleaners list is…The

VacMaster Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This is no ordinary cordless car vacuum cleaner, this doubles up as a toolbox and blower and whilst your there, you may as well give your car interior floor mats a wet vacuum and the suck all the water up as well.

VacMaster Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
VacMaster Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a complete cordless vacuum cleaner package primarily for on the go use, then the Vacmaster Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best in this list today. I would suggest carrying multiple batteries for this beast as it is very power hungry as it doesn’t just vacuum, it sucks water and also blows air, it comes with a 20 volt 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery which packs away nice and neatly into the toolbox itself.

The blower feature generates 115 air watts of suction performance which isn’t too shabby, with this, if you are a car detailer you can use to blow-dry your car after rinsing which works amazingly well and is the “to-do” now instead of drying with a microfiber towel.

These 4.0Ah batteries are beastly, you can purchase additional batteries and have multiple of them stored inside the tool box and literally take this with you everywhere you go, it comes with a HEPA filter for dust filtering and the same filter is designed for both normal vacuuming as well as wet vacuuming so you don’t need to swap any filters, just flip the switch for which mode you want and away you go.

This vacuum is a complete car cordless vacuum cleaner dream and it has a hose! A massive 15 litre collection tank and best of all, no bags are required, simply empty the dust as you would a handheld stick vacuum cleaner and rinse the container with some water and off you go.

The hose length is 0.65 meters which is a push fit connection and flexible, making it easy to use. The battery charger which is inbuilt into the tool box is actually a “Fast charger”, there are two compartments for two batteries, you can in theory have 3 batteries on the go storing two inside the box and one plugged in at all times which would give you a constant supply of power as from empty, the charger can fully charge a battery in 1 hour.

What’s in the VacMaster Cordless Wet and Dry Box?
  • The tool box vacuum cleaner
  • 1x 20v 4.0Ah Battery
  • 1 hour fast charger
  • 1x Utility Brush
  • 1x Flexible Crevice Tool
  • 1x Shoulder strap
  • 1x Inflator Nozzle & Adaptors
  • 2x Suction Extension Tubes

To conclude:

I hope this top 5 list of the Best Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaners helped you or has given you some ideas of what you can buy, after all, it’s better to know a little about the vacuums before making your decision. If we missed out any of your own personal favorites, please get in touch and we’ll make sure to review them and see if they’re worthy for our list! Remember, to bare budgets in mind, these car vacuum cleaners are in our list not only because they are affordable but because they suit the job in hand.