best way to vacuum builders dust

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Builders Dust

Are you in a HURRY? Our best Choice:

When it comes to buying the best vacuum cleaner for builders dust, you will want a robust, heavy duty vacuum that will last you a long time even when you put it through its paces every single day and most if not all home/domestic cleaning vacuum cleaners just won’t cut it, Have you ever seen a builder bringing a Dyson V11 or a lightweight stick vacuum to work with them to hoover up all of that builders dust? Of-course you haven’t and you never will, and if they did, it’ll get clogged up within seconds.

Should you rent or buy the best vacuum cleaner for builders dust?

This question has a very simple answer, if you are a builder or not, but you would like the best bang for your money and don’t mind spending a little extra then yes, we would very much recommend investing in a robust, heavy duty wet and dry vacuum cleaner that will do the job of cleaning all the builders dust and dirt they leave behind, perhaps you’re getting home renovations and internal walls are being knocked down or maybe you’re having an extension or loft conversion.. all these home-changes can cause mass amounts of dirt, dust and debris and the bad thing about this is, if you don’t clean all this prior to laying down the new flooring or skirting, walls etc, this dust will become trapped and will forever more make your brand new extension or job, dusty and eventually smell of mildew. Remember to clean the place before the building progresses!

Best way to clean up builders dust?

best way to vacuum builders dustOne tip which will help you out when you’re trying to vacuum builders dust would be to allow the dust to settle fully beforehand. By doing this, ALL of the dust will settle to the ground, the best time for this would be overnight, then start your vacuuming as soon as you wake up in the morning, this enables you to really get as much of the dirt into the vacuum rather it being in the air, pushed around. Allow it to settle for the best possible clean up!


So now, we’ve picked out 3 best vacuums for builders dust…


Number 1… The Numatic GVE370 George Wet and Dry Vacuum

Have you heard of the Henry vacuum? Well this is the “George”, both manufactured by Numatic which have a history for being very well built vacuum cleaners that can make ease of any dirt and dust, the beauty of the George vacuum is that it is both for wet & dry uses. George is the iconic all in one wet & dry vac that beasts most other ranges when it comes to price to performance. When buying it from here, it comes with the “Numatic A26A accessory kit” which includes; Nuflex Bayonet Hose Combination, Floor Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Tritex Filter, Stainless Steel Extension Tube, Double Taper Hose/Tool Adapter, Soft Dusting Brush, Upholstery Nozzle Slide on Brush for Upholstery Nozzle, Stainless Steel Extraction Trigger, Bend Tube, Stainless Steel Lower Nozzle, Extraction Tube, Fishtail Extraction, Nozzle Dual Scrub/Wet Pick Up Nozzle. Quite the kit don’t you think? You won’t be needing any other accessories that’s for sure, this is the complete package and a very well all rounded vacuum cleaner for around the house as well as durable to bring to work with you.

It has a large 15 litre dustbin capacity, large filters and HepaFlo bags so all the dust is stored without letting it out after vacuuming. George only needs to quickly swap his dry air filter for the wet valve which can be done in under a minute and it’s ready for shampooing and wet vacuuming your carpets and the “wet vacc’ing” performance is on par with most industrial wet vacs on the market, you can even use it to dry up spillage on hard flooring when a mop just isn’t enough! This vacuum cleaner doesn’t need selling, it sells itself, you will not need to purchase another vacuum if you buy this one, that’s a fact.

Number 2… The Karcher WD5 Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner

Best vacuum cleaner for builders dustKarcher, yes the pressure washer manufacture also make vacuum cleaners and the WD5 Wet & Dry Karcher is one of their best vacuum cleaners they have, much like the Numatic George GVE370, this vac is for use in wet and dry situations. It is cheaper than the George wet and dry vac but not because it’s inferior! it has a massive 25 litre waste container which gives you longer vacuuming times without emptying and an effortless filter cleaning method which allows you to clean the filter with a press of a button.

The reason why Karcher are different is because they think outside of the box, the WD5 has a built in blower feature, yes, you could use this to blow leaves off your porch or drive or even garden if you wanted to but its’ primary use is to blow out dust from corners/crevices so you can easily vacuum them up, a very cool feature to have and saves you from having to buy a leaf blower! All attachments store on the vacuum itself making it ideal and easy to transport.

This vacuum will not only suck up all the builders dust but it will wash your floors too with ease and another tip for you, have you ever thought about vacuuming and washing your astro-turf? You’re welcome, it is also set on elevated 5 castor wheels which makes it very easy to move around effortlessly. As with the George, the Karcher WD5 doesn’t need to be sold to you, it lets its features sell itself and especially not costing the earth to buy.



Number 3… Hail the Almighty Henry vacuum for that builders dust!

Best vacuum for builders dustThe Henry vacuum, is probably the most well known, established vacuum cleaner which is most used in any commercial workplace or home, the sheer history for this little vacuum should definitely give it reason for being in our the top three. The Henry we’re recommending for sucking up builders dust would have to be the improved version which is the Henry Xtra HVX200, This version has a larger bin capacity of 9 litres but lets be upfront about this, it isn’t a wet vac. Nonetheless, it has additional features such as, the AiroBrush which is for vacuuming up stubborn pet hair or messes on your carpet, the power of this vacuum cleaner alone is what makes it the best vacuum cleaner for builders dust. It’s more light weight when compared to the previous two it comes with more specialist attachment tools for various floors. If you’re a builder, we would strongly suggest purchasing one of the two above but if you’re a homeowner and you’re looking for the best all rounder vacuum cleaner then the Henry HVX200 should be your choice.


Let’s summarize:

To conclude, if you’re a builder looking to buy a vacuum cleaner for the mess you leave behind then you’re going to want to buy a robust long last vacuum cleaner that will do the job for years to come, we suggest going for the Karcher WD5 or the George GVE370 as these have the capability of wet and dry vacuuming so you’ll be covered in most situations however, if you’re a home owner, then there’s really no contest when it comes down to actual price to performance, the good old Henry vacuum cleaner with the extra capacity will definitely suit most home-owners needs without any loss of performance.