Best Vacuum For Arthritis Sufferers

Best vacuums for arthritis sufferers

What is the best vacuum cleaner for arthritis sufferers?

Well lets face it, if you have arthritis, especially if it primarily effects your hands/fingers, many vacuum cleaners on the market are not catered to your needs, they all have a trigger or button type power on/off switches, constantly squeezing a trigger button on a Dyson V11 or many other stick vacuum cleaners isn’t the most comfortable if you suffer from arthritis.

Normally arthritis hits you when you become a certain age, through constant use of your fingers, muscles and bones, they start to become painful so even a light weight vacuum for the elderly wouldn’t really suit your specific needs or perhaps one could, be sure to check out our post about lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly, one of the vacuum cleaners we have selected may be of use to you.

To be totally honest, we have tried to eliminate the possibility of harming you in any way shape or form with our selection of vacuum cleaners in this article, thus we are showing you an alternative method for vacuuming and this is a robotic vacuum cleaner, these vacuum cleaners in this situation (arthritis stricken) totally takes you out of the equation and if you’re thinking these vacuum cleaners are useless or they don’t pick up the dirt then all I can tell you is they have come a long way since they were first introduced, with brands like ECOVACS, Neato and even Miele leading the forefront in home cleaning automation, these vacuum cleaners are ideal for arthritis sufferers and make fantastic gifts if you’re looking to treat someone who has arthritis!

These are in our opinion the best vacuum cleaners for arthritis sufferers…

Miele Scout RX1 Robotic vacuum cleaner

The Miele Scout RX1 is a fantastic automated cleaner, it has a runtime of over 2 hours from a single charge and smart navigation means it won’t be bumping into your walls or furniture when it’s cleaning your home, it can tackle corners with ease with its mini side brushes that rotate and allows the vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt in a flash.

Miele Scout RX1 for arthritis sufferers
Miele Scout RX1 for arthritis sufferers.

What’s good about the Miele Scout RX1 is that you can set a timer and have it automatically start vacuuming your floors at a certain time each day or week and it will do its job and then go back to its base all on its own, your floors will be squeaky clean literally all the time and it has no buttons, just touch screen, it also comes with a remote control if you want to vacuum as and when you want to rather than waiting for a timer clean, it goes from standstill to vacuuming with 2 presses on the touch screen panel or remote control.

To top it off, it has an inbuilt AirClean filter, so there’s no loss of features when comparing it to a more traditional vacuum cleaner and has a 0.6 litre dust bin capacity which is practically the same as a Dyson or any other stick vacuum cleaners, this can be emptied with ease too so there shouldn’t be any issues if you suffer from dexterity problems due to arthritis, see we have thought of everything!

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Next up would have to be the ECOVAC N79S

ECOVAC Robotics N79S robot vacuum cleaner

another vacuum for arthritis sufferers
another vacuum for arthritis sufferers.

EVOVAC have made quite the name for themselves in the robotic vacuum cleaning industry, they have built their brand solely on autonomous cleaning machines from floors to windows! They have a lot of knowledge when it comes to automating vacuums. The main difference between the ECOVAC and the Miele Scout RX1 is that the ECOVAC N79S has smart app functionality, whereas the Miele Scout RX1 does not, the Miele is more suited to perhaps the older generation who are not tech savvy but this doesn’t mean to say the Miele is inferior, it just caters for a different group of consumers. The ECOVAC N79S as mentioned is another perfect candidate for being the best vacuum cleaner for arthritis sufferers because, again, it completely is a hands-off method of doing the vacuuming and cleaning your home.

With the ability to pair this vacuum up with an Amazon Alexa and Google, this would completely be an autonomous cleaning solution, you wouldn’t even have to lift a finger to get it started. simply tell Alexa to do the vacuuming! Again, much like the Miele Scout, this ECOVAC N79S has a run time of 120 minutes per charge, which is a lot of vacuuming time and shouldn’t ever be left in its tracks. There are also other models in this “DEEBOT” range, including the U2 PRO, OZMO 920 and OZMO T8 AIVI. With all the smart functionality this vacuum is capable of, you don’t have to use it if technology baffles you, it also comes with a normal tv type remote control, on the other hand, if you are a tech wizard and you embrace technology, then MAKE SURE you take a look at the OZOMO T8 AIVI as it comes with an inbuilt fully functioning camera which you can remotely connect to using your phone or tablet, you can literally use this vacuum as a security feature or just to login and say hi to your pet during the day if you’re out, very cool indeed.

And lastly…

The Neato Robotics D450, if you have pets!

Neato Robotics D450

Sheer genious, for arthritis sufferers
Sheer genious, for arthritis sufferers.

This robotic vacuum cleaner, again like the others, is a must if you suffer from arthritis or back pain. This vacuum cleaner is primarily recommended if you are an arthritis sufferer and you have pets in the home with lots of carpet, simply because the Neato D450 is made for sucking up pet hair and comes with pet hair attachments, plus, it is a little more on the expensive side, so only consider this option if you have a pet or pet hair would be an issue for you that you would want to make sure to be vacuumed up.

The Neato Robotics D450 is completely voice controlled and does require WIFI if you want to use the scheduling feature, otherwise you can give it voice commands as and when you want it to vacuum for you, there is no remote control. The bin capacity is slightly larger than the other two vacuums at 0.7 litres, this is because of the D shape this vacuum is, Neato designed this vacuum specifically to be D shaped so it can fit into corners and also add extra bin capacity. This vacuums run time is slightly shorter, at 1 hour and 15 minutes from a full charge, it is rather disappointing in our eyes, but when you factor in the size of the bin and additional voice/smart features and PET HAIR suction capabilities, you can understand why that is.

Our Choice:

Neato Robotics D450


Smart Features




Build Quality



  • Very well priced
  • Great suction
  • Smart capabilities


  • Corner brushes can get clogged
  • You may need help with setup because of WIFI