ilife a4s robot vacuum cleaner

Ilife A4S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

So if you’re looking at the ilife a4s robot vacuum cleaner then you’ll be wanting a hands-off vacuum cleaner that just gets on with the vacuuming, which is certainly understandable, most people want the exact same thing, why bother breaking our backs vacuuming our floors when we have the technology now to have it done for us autonomously! Lets face it, we all live busy lives, always on the go and sometimes when we get home, all we want to do is take it easy and have a break, well if this sums you up, then a robotic vacuum cleaner would be ideal for you especially the ilife a4s robot vacuum cleaner.

Why would you need the Ilife A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

These types of robot vacuum cleaners are a life saver in certain situations, for example, my grandmother had a fall a couple of years ago and her dexterity wasn’t what it was before the fall and because she lives alone, this suited her and best of all, it keeps her apartment clean everyday which was a load off her mind. The Ilife A4S Pro was a life saver and did exactly what it advertised, keeps hardwood floors dust and debris free.

Ilife A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

There are more than enough A4S robot reviews around the web but what I found with them is they didn’t specify the suction/power and what this little vacuum is actually capable of doing and the reasons for purchasing this over another, so I’ll try my best to get straight into my Ilife A4S robot vacuum cleaner review for you and hopefully it’ll be of some use to you when you make your decision.

Why Buy The Ilife A4S Pro Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many robotic vacuum cleaner brands on the market, such as… Kyvol, iRobot, Anker and ONSON but these brands can be very much, more expensive for pretty much the same ilife a4s robot vacuum cleanerperformance, the only things you might be missing, would be the smart app connectivity but in terms of real world cleaning potential, not much, actually when we tested the ilife a4s robot vacuum cleaners suction power, it came in at a whopping 11cfm on the low power mode and 14cfm at the high power mode, this is incredible when comparing to the more expensive brands, which all averaged around 8cfm. (cfm = cubic feet per minute in suction). If you pair this with the price point this vacuum cleaner retails at, you would be making a very wise choice in purchasing this one over the others.

What’s the difference between them? Ilife A4S Robot vacuum cleaner vs Ilife A4S Pro

The Ilife A4S has a lot less suction power in all modes compared to the A4S Pro and a difference with the roller brush, the A4S Pro has a more robust brush head which tackles hair build-up with the addition of 1,000PA suction as mentioned, it also has an automatic boosting system so it can go from boost mode to normal mode on its own rather than the owner having to control this via their remote control, both models are advertised to be capable of vacuuming laminate floors, tile, hardwood and low-pile carpet, We must be honest, this vacuum cleaner did struggle a little when cleaning long pile carpets, but if left alone for a while, it did get the job done with multiple passes. I would highly suggest going with the PRO model as the normal model seems to be getting discontinued very soon as Ilife are phasing these models out due to releasing the PRO version which is a much more powerful machine.

How about an alternative?: Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Ilife A4S Pro Vacuum Key Features

  • Brand new 2020 model
  • 2000pa Suction power in “spot mode” and 1500pa in “normal mode” this is 1,000pa more than the standard A4S model.
  • Auto-Boost feature, offers a truly hands-free cleaning experience
  • ElectroWall – this is amazing, it is a small box that you can move around your home and it beams across the line of sight, preventing the A4S Pro from going over that line.
  • Up to 100 minutes of continuous vacuuming

What’s in the Ilife A4S Pro Box

  • Ilife A4S Pro unit
  • 1 ElectroWall unit (requires 2AA batteries but these are included)
  • 1 remote control (requires 2AAA batteries also included)
  • 1 Charging station dock
  • 1 AC power adapter
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • 1 Extra filter
  • 4 Side brushes
  • 12 month warranty

Jumping back to the differences between the Ilife A4s robot vacuum cleaner and the A4S Pro, the standard model works with a “random navigation” cleaning system and occasionally, it can bump into furniture whereas the newer more improved A4S Pro, has multiple infrared sensors built into the unit to better avoid bumping into things and a faster complete cleaning cycle paired with a longer lasting battery, these are the main differences and very much welcomed in any case, if you’re wanting a decent deal then on this robot vacuum cleaner, you could get a coupon when buying it from Amazon.

ilife electrowall
Ilife A4S Pro ElectroWall Feature

We also touched upon the Ilife ElectroWall unit, this is a fantastic little piece of kit that essentially prevents the vacuum cleaner from moving into a space where it shouldn’t or you don’t want it to go to, it works like an invisible wall, which prevents access to a another room/area you don’t want the vacuum cleaner going, it’s quite a small unit which you just place by a wall or door frame, stair case and it will beam an infrared light directly in its direction to the nearest wall, thus creating a electrowall between the unit and the wall in it’s line of sight and the a4s pro will not go past this point.


Conclusion, Lets wrap this up;

The ilife a4s robot vacuum cleaner is a great little vacuum, it does everything you would want it to do, it has a timer setting to set up when you want the vacuuming started and finished, daily or weekly, however you want to program this machine, know this, it will do its job just fine without any hiccups or disasters in between, the price-point in my personal opinion is bang on point for what I’d pay for it when comparing this vacuum to the more expensive brands, I see no point in spending extra when this model does the same thing minus the “Smart” technology that other brands offer with APPs but I’m ok with that, my grandmother isn’t exactly going to take out her mobile and start playing tetris with it, lets face it, neither would I, as long as it cleans the floors, it gets a solid gold star rating.