The Very Best Vacuum Cleaners

There are a shed load of vacuum cleaners being sold right now and truth of the matter is, there’s so many on the market that it would realistically be impossible to compare them all, so, What I’m going to be doing is picking a few of the most popular upright hoovers and cylinder hoovers that would definitely do the job for your house, no doubt about it.

At number 5, we have the…

The Vax U90-MA-R


- This vacuum cleaner offers a very robust hand grip which is very hard to the touch, it doesn’t have a very nice hand grip but it does give you something to hold on to, which I guess is a plus when hoovering the home.

- The hoover itself is very light (This hoover only weighs 5.3 kilos) considering it is a big hefty upright hoover, it stores a little over 1.5 litres of waste/dust, which is pretty average in terms of waste storage.

- It has a retractable 10 metre cord which is fantastic as this will allow you to do most of your rooms without having to change plug socket.

- This vacuum is bagless, so there will be no need to purchase any dust bags at all.

- Features a HEPA Filter which stands for (High Efficient Particle Arrester) with an antibacterial filtration system especially for homes with allergy sufferers.

Price range £75.00 – £90.00 – Click here


At number 4,

The “Bosch Power Silence Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner”


- Sports a HEPA filtration system which is beneficial for family or friends who have dust allergies.

- The entire point of this vacuum cleaner primarily is the low noise it makes when turned on, This hoover makes less sound than any other cleaner on the market, in fact, it is why so many people purchase this model, purely for sound damping reasons.

- 3 litre dust/waste capacity, much larger than the Vax U90 series, making this vacuum cleaner much more lasting, for bigger homes perhaps?

- Much better hand grip than the Vax U90 series too, with a nice ergo grip making it very user friendly if you have any weakening bone conditions such as arthritis.

-  Slightly heavier than the Vax, weighing in at around 6.4 kilos

- 10 Metre long cord which is fully automatic, powered by a button which auto retracts the cord when finished.


Price range £85.99 – £150.00 – Click here


At number 3,

The Vax C89-MA-B Air Multicyclonic


- This vacuum cleaner comes with a 6 year guarantee, which is simply incredible, you can safely say you’re covered with this one if anything was to go wrong with it, which is a major plus.

- HEPA Filter technology with multiple fans, trapping dust & dirt particles, which is pretty standard for hoovers nowadays.

- 6 metre cord, which is less than the other two hoovers above, make sure you note that this vacuum cleaners cord is significantly smaller than most.

- What this hoover lacks in cord length, makes up in sucktion & power, weighing 5.5 kilos it’s at a medicore weight.

- 2.5 litre waste/dust capacity.


Price range £55.00 – £75.00 – Click here


At number 2,

The ‘Good ol’ Henry hoover (Numatic NRV200)


- The biggest spec advantage this little hoover has to offer is the 9 litre waste/dust capacity, which just simply beats any other vacuum cleaner around.

- HEPA flo air filtration technology filter included.

- Weight: 6.9 kilos

-  There really isn’t any bells & whistles with this model, it is favoured by many commercial cleaning companies as well as domestic daily household use, possibly the best hoover available.

- 10 metre cord.


Price range £65.00 – £90.00 – Click here


And Finally, number 1,

The Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Ultra-lightweight Dyson Ball Upright



- 5 year parts & labour guarantee, rest assured, you’re in safe hands if it comes to dealing with faults.

- This upright dyson vacuum cleaner pivets on a cylinder shaped base making this hoover very manoeuvrable for going around corners to reach those tougher spots.

- This Dyson hoover weighs in at: 5.4 kilos which is very light considering it is an upright model.

- Root Cyclone™ technology – Dysons’ own special technology which makes a dyson A Dyson.


Price range £120.00 – £199.00 – Click here

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